Anambra 2019: Osita Chidoka Emerges UPP Governorship Candidate

Chigozie Effe, Akwa

A former Minister of Aviation, Chief Osita Chidoka has emerged as the governorship candidate of United Progressive Party (UPP) in Anambra Governorship election.

Chidoka polled 1222 votes at the UPP primary election held on Saturday to defeat Chudi Ofidile who polled 87 votes.

He promised to introduce a new order with new thinking that unlocks the God-given wealth creating ability of Anambra people, if given the mandate in at the poll.

His Acceptance Sppech Reads in part:

“I therefore want the message to go forth to all; that the Anambra state that will emerge after the election of November 18th with the UPP on the saddle is such that will represent the true spirit of ndi Anambra and Ndi Igbo in the struggle for self definition. It is the Anambra that will restore the voice of ndi Igbo in Nigeria; the Anambra that will become the model of what we, as a people, demand from of the country, Nigeria.

“For all of those who wonder the propelling spirit for the resurgent agitation for Biafra; I have an answer for you today.

“I answer in very clear terms that the idea of Biafra is the inevitable resistance to injustice; a resistance to inequity; a resistance to repression, marginalization and lack of opportunity. It is a definite demand for social justice, equality and respect for us as a people.

“Indeed, if we come together as a people to dialogue and instill justice equity and fair play in the configuration of Nigeria, I dare say and unequivocally too, that even the wider Nigerian nation will embrace the philosophy of Biafra; a philosophy of a society which becomes a true home to all; where no man is oppressed and which unlocks the potentials of its citizens without any form of discrimination.

“I believe that a redefined Nigeria, freely subscribed to by all, has a historic role to play; the role of being the first black nation in the world to move from Third World to First World. That opportunity is only possible if we adopt the resilience, innovation and philosophy of Biafra.

“Brothers and sisters, our people await. They eagerly look up to our Party and all of us to lead the way in the march for self-recovery. We must therefore march on for this election with a determination for inevitable victory. We march shoulder to shoulder with millions of Ndi Anambra who have been desirous of a new order in our state; a new order that works and where no man is relegated; a new order with new thinking that unlocks the God-given wealth creating ability of our people, and where all citizens have equal access to the resources and opportunities.

“Without arguments, the November election is all about the people; the people are the ultimate deciders. Our party, the UPP represents their irresistible movement and resolve to reclaim their state. They are therefore fully prepared to vote the UPP and to protect their votes to the end. Our date with history on November 18, 2017 is therefore sacrosanct and with the people, it is preordained.”

UPP primaries, update:

Final Results,

19 invalid votes.

Chudi Ofidile —-87 votes.

Osita Chidoka—–1,222 votes.

Chief Osita Chidoka wins UPP primary election. To flag the party flag in the Nov.18th,2017 Governorship Election in Anambra state

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