2021 IWD: Gobir Foundation Provides Support For Market Women in Kwara


The Gobir Organization Foundation on Thursday distributed souvenirs to market women in Ilorin to celebrate 2021 International Women’s Day.

The Foundation being funded by Alhaji Yakubu Gobir storm markets in Ilorin, Kwara State Capital to provide logistics support for women that have effectively utilize the Gobir Funds to upscale their businesses.

The market women, while commending the efforts of the Gobir Organization Foundation, said the Gobir Funds (GO Funds) has helped to boost their businesses, and is a great relief for them as the fund is an interest-free loan.

Beneficiaries of Gobir Organization Foundation’s Go Funds during distribution of souvenirs in Ilorin on Thursday

While showing her excitement, one of the beneficiaries, Mrs Maridiyah Basiru, made it known that Gobir Funds has been a sort of sustenance for her business since the Foundation launched the initiative.

“I am a happy beneficiary of Gobir Funds, and it is an interest-free loan that I have put to use to upscale my business. I am grateful to the Foundation and her chairman for this great opportunity.”

Beneficiary of Go Funds and souvenir for International Women’s Day celebration

Also commending the initiative, Mrs Shukurat Abubakar, who is also a beneficiary, emphasised the impact of the Gobir Funds on her business and applauded the Foundation for helping indigent market women.

“Market women are happy with the Gobir Foundation interest-free loan, and we applauded the Foundation for their timely gifts to support us. We started the loan with N10,000 naira, and we are at N30,000 naira today, and I must tell you that it is an interest-free loan which the Foundation did not force us to repay.”

The Program Coordinator, Miss Wuraola Ogundipe explained that the Gobir Funds (GO Funds) is a scheme initiated to give interest-free loans to indigent market women to upscale their businesses.

“When we birthed this initiative, there are lots of financial institutions in the state that have an outrageous interest on their loans, and we decided to do our own in a different way, considering the fact that we are a Foundation that wants a decent life for the masses,” said Miss Ogundipe.

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