2022 NBA Ilorin Election: ELCOM Clears Olateju for Secretary,

…Promises To Run All Inclusive Bar


An associate in the famous law firm of Mallam Yusuf Ali, Olateju Taofiq Kayode has promised to run all inclusive bar, when elected as Secretary of Ilorin branch of  NIGERIAN  BAR ASSOCIATION (NBA).

Olateju disclosed this on Friday after the Electoral Committee cleared him to contest Branch Secretary at the forthcoming NBA Ilorin Branch general elections slated for June, 2022.

The clearance of resourceful lawyer  was communicated to him through the publication of his name as one of the qualified candidates today.

Olateju Taofiq Kayode

He said: “If I emerged as the Secretary apart from running all inclusive bar, I will be willing to serve everyone in the bar both in active practice, Academics and Corporate irrespective of your faith in so far you are our member.”

Olateju who is a notary public and alumnus of university of Ilorin thanked his supporters for their prayers and support thus far.

His words: “Since my expression of interest to serve the Bar in the office of Secretary of our noble Branch in the forthcoming NBA Ilorin Branch Election, I have received your blessings and tremendous supports towards my aspiration.

“I am more delighted that a significant number of people I spoke to remembered my record of previous services to humanity.

“I realized how blessed I am to have you as seniors, colleagues and friends. It is important to state that your supports kept me going and increased my confidence to believe it is possible.

I constantly remind myself that the reason for my existence and growth was the result of generous gestures of men and women I have met in the course of my life’s journey. It is therefore imperative that I live for others too and strive to build a legacy of service to humanity.

He wrote:
“Dear Learned Silks, Seniors, Colleagues, Friends and Family,

I am glad to inform you all that I have been cleared by the ELCOM of NBA Ilorin Branch to partake in the June Election into the office of SECRETARY of the Nigerian Bar Association, Ilorin Branch.

Its been God all the way. I appreciate you all for your support and prayers thus far, we should all remember that completion of this project is crucial, a journey should not be stop halfway because the destination is far. And God almighty will crown all your efforts with sound success at the poll by His grace.”

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