2023: Group Urges PDP To Zone Governorship Seat To Kwara Central

A group in the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) has urged party leadership to zone governorship seat to Kwara Central Senatorial district ahead 2023 polls.

Kwara Central Youth Stakeholders, an amalgamation of six groups in a statement signed by Lawal Nurain Omooyoba and Zakariya Usman asked Kwara PDP to call Kwara North aspirants to order.

They noted that PDP needs to place premium on competence, merit and marketability in selecting its candidates in order to defeat incumbent Governor, AbdulRahman Abdulrazaq.

The statement read:

(1) The leadership of the PDP should call it’s members, especially aspirants from Kwara North to order, the Kwara North agitation is creating a huge wedge within the PDP and it is not good for the aspiration of the PDP to return to government come 2023

(2) If we must send the ill-performing Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq away come 2023, the PDP needs to place premium on competence, merit and marketability in selecting its candidates

(3) The wishes and aspirations of the masses must be prioritized, as against the wishes of the few minority, who wants to lord their opinion on the majority.

(4) The political party is the father of the government, as the PDP is constituted today, the Chairmanship of the party which is the leadership of the party has eluded us for a while now, the only thing Kwara Central can have to get a deserved sense of belonging is the Governorship.

(5) With the voting strength of Kwara Central, the PDP can’t afford to Roy with the historic bulk vote of the Kwara Central Senatorial District, therefore if we’re seriously desirous of returning to power, knowing that electoral victory is determined by votes, then we must prioritize numerical strengths over and above sentiments.

(6) The leadership of the party should take a cue from the national leadership of our party, who has thrown the Presidential ticket open to all parts of the Country, therefore the gubernatorial ticket of our party should be thrown open to all interested aspirants.

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