2023: Kwara North Will Present Competent Governorship Candidate -Consultative Forum 

Kwara North Stakeholders Consultative Forum has stated the zone will present competent, capable and resourceful governorship candidate for 2023 general elections.

CHAIRMAN KWARA NORTH STAKEHOLDERS CONSULTATIVE FORUM, COMRADE ABDULLAHI ALIYU LADE disclosed this on Friday while addressing newsmen at Hajo Hotel Ilorin .

According to him, You may wish to recall that on the 11th of November, 2021 we addressed the world on our long term yearnings and aspirations, where we urged all Nigerian political parties in Kwara State to give the opportunity of Governorship of the State to Kwara North by fielding “Kwara Northerners” as their Gubernatorial candidates for 2023 elections.

The statement read: “We wish to refresh our memories that the year 2023 would mark 30 years since a Kwara Northerner became the Governor of the State. Unfortunately, even the only son of Kwara North who became a Kwara State Governor, spent only one and half years before the truncation of his administration by the military junta.

Gentlemen of the press, it is pertinent to let you know that it was in response to our call for Justice, Equity and Fairness to prevail in the political space of the State that on the 19th day of December 2021 the major opposition party in Nigeria, Peoples Democratic Party, Kwara State chapter met and agreed to zone their Governorship ticket to Kwara North.

This decision by the Kwara State Chapter of the Peoples Democratic Party along with all leaders of the party, the Stakeholders from Kwara Central and Kwara South is a confirmation that our yearnings is greatly embraced and a strengthening of the hopes of Kwarans, that a united and more prosperous Kwara State is achievable because there can’t be prosperity in an unjust society.
This will also strengthen our long existing relationships in our diversity.

Like I have always said; “In Kwara State we are a one family”. If we take time to go back through history, we will discover that the people of Baaboko in Ilorin are from bokobaru people of Kaiama, the People of Isale Baruba in Ilorin, also hail’s from the Baruten Nation just as the People of Alfa Nda, kutujifu and Lubasafu of Ilorin are Nupes.

Our People from Moro Local Government are related to Ilorin and Kwara South. There are also and always inter marriages between the great people of Kwara North, South & Central. These we say, that Kwara North will be fully supported by our brothers and sisters from Kwara Central and Kwara South come 2023.

Distinguished Ladies and Gentlemen, at this juncture, May I on behalf of Kwara North Stakeholders Consultative Forum and Indeed the entire Kwara Northerners thank and appreciate the Kwara State Peoples Democratic Party and her Leadership for towing this path of honour, by giving Kwara North this rare opportunity to produce the next Governor of Kwara State. It is indeed unprecedented.

We are assuring the entire citizens of Kwara state and Nigeria at large, that the eventual candidate of the Party from Kwara North will be a Governor who is competent, a State Governor who will be just and fair to all Kwarans and a State Governor who will understand and proffer solutions to the social, Political and economic problems of the state.

More Importantly we will liaise with our Traditional rulers, religious leaders, Technoracts, our Academia, our Women, Youths, Students and the entire electorate to ensure this project becomes a massive success for the Party that gave us the offer.

Kwara North can not do it alone, thus we shall be glad to receive from time to time advice, prayers and support from the entire Kwara state family. Together we can take Kwara State to the promised land.

We are also using this medium to urge all true sons and daughters of Kwara North, who vote outside Kwara North especially those outside the state, to transfer their Voters Card back home, to enable them vote in Kwara North. This is one of the ways to contribute their own quota towards having a more united and prosperous Kwara.

Finally, We understand the challenges of our sons and daughters from Kwara North who are currently occupying elective and appointive positions of leadership in the State, we urge them to employ caution in their dealings. They are all aware of our long time aspirations for a State Governor from Kwara North.
The urge to remain in office mustn’t be done at the expense of ones fatherland. Justice, Fairness and Equity should rather be our watch words.
Finally, we call on all Kwara Northerners that the earlier we take the opportunity of this offer of “KWN4G2023” In-sha Allah, the better for us all.

We thank everyone who is present here today, at this morning press conference, particularly the press men for honouring our invitation at such short notice.

Thank you so much, for your valuable time.

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