2023 Presidential Race: Okorocha is a candidate for Nigerian youths


A Public Policy Analyst, Mr Kufre James has described Senator Rochas Okorocha’s 2023 presidential bid as the candidate for the Nigerian youth.

James while speaking with newsmen on Wednesday in Abuja, said Okorocha understands that true allegiance is owed to the people and to the constitution.

He said that when Okorocha was Governor of Imo state, he showed remarkable courage as leader, adding that he carried out robust and courageous town-planning expansion in the state.

Rochas Okorocha

According to him, the former Imo state governor was very deliberate and careful in doing the work. In fact it became the pin-up piece for architects and town planners.

James added that such kind of courage and vision was essential and necessary for today’s president, stressing that he placed a high premium on education.

To him, Okorocha wants a highly motivated and educated populace to spur high tech boom and bring rapid economic development to the country.

He stated that Okorocha had elaborated on his plans for security, on law and order, on what to do to grow the economy and achieve greatness as a country

He described him as a choice that satisfied the zoning consensus without sacrificing merit, while calling on spirited Nigerians to rally support for him.

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