5th Anniversary: Senator Oyelola Ashiru’s Projects in Ifelodun LG

Senator Oyelola Ashiru is the Senator representing Kwara South senatorial district with seven local government areas. The Senator inline with his philosophy has recorded a lot of achievements by facilitation projects and programmes to improve well-being of Constituents.

In Ifelodun local government, Senator Oyelola Ashiru has at least one project in all the 18 wards within the local government. His intervention spread across education, tourism, economic empowerment, health, human capital development, rural electrification and provision of portable water.

Senator Ashiru is delivering dividends of democracy to every part of Kwara South. No wonder, the people reelected him during 2023 general elections.

Building of A block of 3 Classrooms in Oro-Ago (Ifelodun LG)
Construction of A block of 2 classrooms in Ganmo
Construction of A Block of 2 classroom in Elerinjare

Training of Community Health Workers on COVID-19
Construction of Maternity health center in Durosoto (Ifelodun LG)

Human Capital Development

Construction of vocational training center in Igbaja (Ifelodun LG)

Construction of vocational training center in Omupo, Ifelodun LG

Ongoing Construction of vocational training center in Share, Ifelodun LG

Training and Empowerment

Training and empowerment of out of school individual across the District

Training and Empowerment of Women and Youths across the district

Widows empowerment across the senatorial district

Training and empowerment of youths on fishery
Empowerment of Artisans

Upgrading and beautification of Tourism sites (Owu water fall, Ero ‘Mola water fall)

Facilitation of 500KVA transformer in Idofian (Ifelodun LG)
Facilitation of 500KVA transformer in Amoyo (Ifelodun LG)

Drilling of Boreholes
Owode-Ofaro (Ifelodun LG)
Babanloma (Ifelodun LG)
Shekun Owode (Ifelodun LG)
Amoyo (Ifelodun LG)
– Babanla (Ifelodun
– Yaru (Ifelodun)
– Ganmo (Ifelodun)
– Eji Omiaro (Ifelodun)
– Babaloma (Ifelodun LG)
– Share (Ifelodun LG)

Installation of street lights across the district
Ganmo Market )
Oke-Daba- Oro- Ago (Ifelodun LG)
Babanloma (Ifelodun LG)

Installation of hand pump boreholes in rural areas
Offa Reese (Ifelodun)
Idofian town (Ifelodun LG)
Bayero (Ifelodun LG)
Aladi (Omupo environ) Ifelodun
Ga’a Salami (Ifelodun)

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