A peep into Senator Lola Ashiru’s Investment in Human Capital Development


Kwara South Senatorial district is blessed with both human and resources to propel development of every community. Nobody can contest the fact that the Senatorial district have produced best brains in different fields with capacity and capabilities to contribute to community development, state growth and nation building.

However, the growing on employment rate and dwindling in economic fortune of the country are having negative effect on ever committed, resourceful, intelligent, purposeful and resilient people of Kwara South, especially the youth and women population.

To this end, Senator Oyelola Ashiru in his bid to turn the situation around is investing in human capital development with the aim of reducing unemployment and equip Kwara Southerners to become job creators. The Senator in less than four years has facilitated training and empowerment program for youths and women drawn from seven local government areas in the district.

In 2020, 130 youths and women from Oyun Local Government well trained Agroforestry and provided with necessary capital start up to earn sustainable livelihood.

Senator Oyelola Ashiru’s empowerment program

Senator Ashiru also organised another training and empowerment program which lasted for three days in each of two Federal Constituencies. The participants in their hundreds were exposed to different business ideas and how to manage small businesses.

Experts were also on ground to enlighten the participants on benefit of thrifts and cooperative in pursuant of vocational businesses.

After the training in 2021, work tools includes such as Freezer, grinding machine, sewing machine, vulcanizing machine, hair dryer and washing machine were given to participants to start up their business in their locality.

The Vice Chairman Senate Committee on Housing and Procurement during his first term facilitated entrepreneurship training which had its participants trained, certified and empowered with machineries that will enhance in running their daily businesses. The equipments and machineries distributed are Freezer, Washing Machine, Generator, Sewing Machine, Hair dressing set, Vulcanizer tools, among others.

One of the beneficiaries of Empowerment Program by Senator Oyelola Ashiru

At the last day of the training, the beneficiaries were given certificates and also given ‘tools’ that will aid in the businesses. The participants comprising youths and women were given start-up equipment such as freezer, sewing machine, grinding machine, washing machine and hairdressing machine

Likewise, Senator Ashiru sponsored training of some of his constituents on Fishery Technology at the Federal College of Fisheries and Marine Technology, Victoria Island, Lagos.

The beneficiaries drawn from all seven local government areas in the senatorial district received N50,000 each to support their budding fishery business and Certificate from the college.

Additionally, Senator Ashiru has established vocational training center across the seven local government areas to train his constituents modern and technical skills to enhance their employability and equip them with knowledge to handle contracts previously outsourced to outsiders.

It’s apt to say Senator Oyelola Ashiru has the clear knowledge of how to build human capital for community and national development. Testimonials of his strategic investment in human capital development speak volume of Senator Ashiru’s understanding of political and economic terrain of Kwara South. Therefore, sticking with the APC Senatorial Candidate will accelerate progress being experienced in Kwara South through his responsive, proactive and equitable representation of Senator Oyelola Ashiru.

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