Agboyi-Ketu LCDA Empowers 400 Residents with N50,000 each

Agboyi-Ketu LCDA, the led Administration of Mayor Dele Oshinowo, Executive Chairman Agboyi-Ketu LCDA empowered 400 residents with 50,000 naira each through its WeLift Community Empowerment initiative.

This initiative will not only support traders in expanding their businesses but will also offer others the chance to kickstart small enterprises, leading to improved household welfare and livelihoods.

Hon. Cornelius Ojelabi, the APC Chairman of Lagos State, commended Mayor Oshinowo for his ongoing efforts in supporting the community. Ojelabi highlighted the consistent nature of Oshinowo’s initiatives, emphasizing the impact of empowering 400 individuals with 50,000 naira monthly.

He stressed the importance of collaboration between local and federal entities in uplifting the less privileged. Ojelabi expressed pride in having a representative who understands and addresses the needs of the people effectively.

Agboyi-Ketu LCDA Empowers 400 Residents with N50,000 each

He encouraged the beneficiaries to seize the opportunity and improve their livelihoods. Furthermore, Ojelabi urged Mayor Dele Oshinowo to continue his beneficial work for the community.

Mayor Oshinowo highlighted the program’s five-year journey since its establishment, emphasizing its goal to elevate poverty in the community. The rationale behind the initiative was to support traders by understanding the market’s value and providing essential assistance.

The program took a proactive approach by conducting surveys and engaging with traders to comprehend their challenges and needs. Through these interactions, traders shared insightful perspectives, such as the importance of saving and the significant impact even small amounts of additional funds could have on their businesses. Mayor Oshinowo expressed the program’s success in doubling funds for traders, showcasing a tangible improvement in their financial situations.

To streamline the distribution of funds and enhance the program’s efficiency, Mayor Oshinowo announced a strategic partnership with Sterling Bank in the past and now with Providus Bank. Leveraging technology, the program identified beneficiaries using their BVN and NIN, ensuring a transparent and secure process. By creating accounts for the recipients, the program aimed to provide direct financial support, empowering traders to grow their businesses and thrive in the market.

As the program continues to evolve and adapt, Mayor Oshinowo emphasized the importance of re-strategizing to optimize the impact of the initiative.

Mayor Dele Oshinowo recently emphasized the significance of the relieved empowerment program, stating, “they’re picking up the ATM card, the first level of this.” He reiterated the program’s commitment to supporting traders during challenging times, aligning with the national agenda to change Nigeria for the better.

Mayor Oshinowo urged the community to rally behind the Renewed hope agenda of President Tinubu and the THEMES+ agenda of Governor Sanwo-Olu, highlighting the importance of empowering the people and investing in infrastructure and healthcare.

Looking ahead, Mayor Oshinowo pledged to continue empowering the community, enhancing healthcare services, supporting the elderly, and bolstering security measures. By focusing on building a stronger community and improving the government’s security architecture, Mayor Oshinowo demonstrated a comprehensive approach to governance and community development.

Hon. Femi Saheed, Member of the Lagos State House of Assembly, Kosofe constituency 2 noted that two months ago, traders had received a similar opportunity, and now residents are also reaping the benefits. He urged the recipients to utilize the funds wisely for their businesses and advised against using them for frivolous purposes like parties.

Hon. Jumoke Okoya-Thomas, the Lagos State Women Leader for APC, commended the progress in Agboyi-Ketu LCDA following the call for local government autonomy by President Tinubu.

She praised Mayor Dele Oshinowo for his effective leadership and expressed pride in his accomplishments. Okoya-Thomas advised women in the local government to prioritize investing in their businesses over spending on party attire to enhance profitability and sustainable growth.

Yemisi Ayeni, a beneficiary, expressed gratitude to Mayor Dele Oshinowo for his consistent support of their businesses and the community residents. Ayeni highlighted Oshinowo’s dedication to supporting Youths and residents. She offered prayers for his continued success and upliftment.

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