An Open letter to Amb. Yahaya Seriki on the Kwara Central Senatorial ticket

An Open letter to Amb. Yahaya Seriki on the Kwara Central Senatorial ticket


Let me start with the noblest of greetings – Assalamualaikum warahmatulahi wabarakatuhu. I also wish to pray for God’s continued guidance and protection over you and your loved ones.

Let me say that writing this letter is only a last resort for me, for I would have preferred that I see you to discuss the issues herein in person and in private. But I understand that your schedule may not accommodate all the requests for audience, hence the reason I did not feel in anyway slighted by the inability to secure appointment to see you.

Of course, having decided to put all that I had wished to discuss with you in writing, I should point out that I am taking this step with all sense of patriotism for our common good as Gambari sons and daughters, and by extension as indigenes of Ilorin East.

Without taking much of your time, I should state that the purpose of writing this letter is to appeal to your sense of good judgement in relation to the contestation for the senatorial ticket of your party, the All Progressives Congress (APC).

Amb Yahaya Seriki

A number of stakeholders that I spoke to before deciding to write this letter confided in me that you have already made up your mind on this issue; and that you vowed only God and Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq can prevail on you to have a rethink. But I will plead with you to kindly open your mind to the bigger picture and think more of the greater good of the collective.

The Kwara Central senatorial seat is a position that other local government areas outside Ilorin West have consistently clamoured for. This agitation, which has spanned a period of over 2 decades, is something that has now received the wide attention of all well meaning people within the Kwara Central, and the 2023 election therefore presents the best chance for Ilorin East local government and its sister local government, Ilorin South, to get the opportunity we have always clamoured for. We can’t afford to miss this chance.

It is in the light of the foregoing that I write to appeal to your sense of community and our collective interest. I’m aware that you are fully competent and sufficiently blessed to pursue your political aspirations to every logical conclusions, but I believe this time especially call for sacrifice on your part rather than any need to prove your self worth.

It is often said that ‘a house divided against itself cannot stand,’ and this is why it would be of great benefit to us as Ilorin Easterners to not allow outsiders instigate us against ourselves at this critical time. No doubt, when brothers fight without caution over a seat, like we seemed to be doing presently, we give outsiders the chance to eventually sit on the chair. I therefore enjoy you to listen only to your conscience and do only that which is to the general benefit of our community.

Indeed, if you remain unyielding in your quest to secure the position at all cost and, God forbid, Ilorin East eventually misses the opportunity, it is my considered belief that posterity may not be kind to you. You have a chance now to write your name in gold by supporting the emergence of a sole candidate from Ilorin East and Gambari for the APC. If those of you in politics initiate the emergence of a unity candidate from among yourselves, whoever it is, we assure that our people who have always been at the forefront of the agitation for this rare chance would readily follow and ensure the victory of the person at the poll.

Already, the other party has given its ticket to Ilorin West. I therefore fear that your inability to come to agreement and offer to promote only one APC aspirant from Ilorin East may rub us of this chance again and confer advantage on the local government that has always held this position to the exclusion of others.

A time like this calls for sacrifice, and I do not think any can be too much for the greater good of the collective. Afterall, if Alhaji Yinka Aluko from Ilorin South could willingly step down his ambition in order to brighten our chance this time since we begin the clamour for this position; I do not think such a gesture is out of place for you too.

As I said earlier, it has pleased Allah (SWT) to bless your life richly. But the good thing is that God is surely not done with you, considering that you are still young, vibrant and with an even brighter future ahead of you. Therefore, I do not see why this should be a ‘do or die’ affair for you, except of course some external interests are using you against the collective aspiration of our community. Again, I plead with you to reconsider your position and think beyond self.

With your career path as a miner, there are numerous opportunities for you to secure choice appointment in the mines and mineral resources sector, considering your position as a strong member of the ruling party in Kwara. This exposure would allow you broaden your world view and position you better for leadership. This is why you should not pursue your senatorial ambition as if it were the only and last chance you have at making a political breakthrough.

I plead with you in the name of all that you value, that you should think of our long years of cry for this opportunity in Gambari/Ilorin East and show restraint and make the required sacrifice. This chance must not elude us.

I thank you for making out time to read my letter of appeal and clarion call. It is my hope that in the interest of all of us, you will consider my appeal and act on it soonest before it is too late.

I pray God continue to abide with you.


Prof. Abdullahi Issa-Kannike
National Open University (NOUN)

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