Asa/Ilorin-West Will Get Facelift Through Quality Representation – Ajia


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) candidate for House of Representatives to represent Asa/Ilorin West Federal constituency, Hon. Muhammad Ibrahim Ajia has promised people of his constituency and Kwarans in general a new facelift of good governance through credible and quality representation at the Natiinal Assembly, noting that he has being a representative of his people even when he was not holding any political office in the country.

Ajia who doubles as a security expert and entrepreneur added that he is going to represent the interest of the common man if elected into the Green chamber.

Ajia equally made it known that he is going to intervene directly in the lives of common people by providing job opportunities across board to improve the living standards of the people of the state.

Ibrahim Ajia

The PDP House of Reps Candidate stated this while speaking during a Personality interview programme on Sobi F.M, on Saturday in Ilorin, the Kwara State capital.

He lamented that as at today, Kwarans have no representations at the local levels.

According to him, “Local government is the basis for any grassroots development in any given state. In a situation where there is no local government elections what do we talk about the state?

“Local government is the arm of government that is closer to people, but that is obviously absent in Kwara State.

“Instead of government to make local governments functioning in the state they resulted in sharing peanuts to the selected few”

He therefore challenged the state government to come out to state reasons why local government elections is yet to be conducted in the state? He quarried.

Hon. Ajia also pointed out that he is desperate to bring about development to his constituency.

He maintained that, he has been influencing developmental projects in the National budget to Kwara State when he was not even an active politician, he added that now that he is vying for a legislative position that Kwarans should expect nothing but more.

He said, “I had influenced Ilobu-Erinla to the point of 18.7bn and Ilorin Igbeti during Bukola Saraki 8th Assembly.”

He however assured his constituents and Kwarans in general that Betters days are coming with him.
“I will create job opportunities for youths, women and with PDP Kwara State is going to be a project where everybody is a stakeholder.

Stating reasons why Kwara should vote for him and other PDP candidates, he said, “Today, it is so bad that civil servants can no longer afford a bag of rice, insecurity has been escalated beyond control, National debt profile has grown beyond what a nation can manage. With this APC has failed Nigerians in all ramifications and the best thing is to vote them out.

Ajia maintained that without political powers, effecting a meaningful change and development in the constituency would be a mirage.

He revealed that infrastructure, youth development, economic empowerment for traders and farmers in the agrarian communities would also be his priorities as a lawmaker.

The Ilorin-born politician said, with his prior relationship with lawmakers, top Government officials and his experience, he is well-placed to represent Asa/Ilorin West constituency in the green chamber of the tenth assembly.

He maintained that, “We have a long way to go in my Constituency and our people are yearning for serious growth in terms of infrastructure, social amenities and other major developmental projects, and you can only push for this while in power”.

“There is no desperation for me in the position I am seeking. If there is any desperation at all, it’s for me to bring about development to my Federal constituency”. he said.


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