ATS Media Boss Celebrates Olusin of Ijara-Isin At 52

Prince Stephen Adeola Awoyale greets Olusin of Ijara-Isin on His 52nd Birthday.

Birthday is a time to celebrate the memories of yesterday, joys of today, and the hopes of tomorrow.
This is why we cannot but rejoice with our father.

Kabiyesi Olusin of Ijara-Isin HRH Oba Ademola Julius Ajibola (Amuludun, Iluyomade 1st on his 52nd birthday.

On behalf of ATS Media Solutions & The Vine Reporters, I join the good people of Ijara-Isin and of Kwara State to wish HRH Oba Ademola Julius Ajibola (Amuludun, Iluyomade 1st happy birthday and many happy returns in good health and increased grace.

As you step into another year Kabiyesi, may your throne and Ijara-Isin land continue to grow in every good things.

May your time continue to bring joy, peace and prosperity to the land.
It is not surprising that within the short time that you ascended the throne, you have exemplified the same qualities and virtues that made you succeed in your previous endeavor.

Your time and season has brought unprecedented growths and development to your community. Worthy of mention are the following projects which you have personally started under 5 Months of your Kingship.

The new proposed College of Agriculture & Technology, New Oja Oba Market, The Ijara-Isin Town Hall- Handled by the Iranloye Dynasty, (this project has received massive boost since you assumed office). Today, the town hall is ready and well equipped, Post Office, Micro-Finance Bank, Renovated Police Station, road Constructions amongst many other landmarks.

I pray, that your reign will bring peace and tranquility which will foster unity among the indigenes and residents of Ijara-Isin.

“Ekú odún, ekú ìyèdùn, èmì yin a se púpò lórílè alààyè.

Prince Stephen Adeola Awoyale
Ile-Olusin Compound, Ijara-Isin.
Kwara State.

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