Bala Mohammed Provides Social Amenities in Jebbelo For The First Time

Jebbelo is an agrarian community in Giade local government area of Bauchi State. It has an estimated 10,000 people and houses four different other hamlets—Girgari, Jaligeri, Ulo and Kayaba. Jauro Adamu, the village head of Jebbolo told this medium that since their years of existence as a community, they never had any government presence until the Bala Mohammed led PDP administration came on board.

“That is when for the first time, we now have a primary school built for us and Hand Pumping Borehole sunk for the school and the community”, he said.

The community according to Jauro Adamu was ignored by successive governments despite a heavy voting bloc.

Jebbelo School

“They (referring to politicians) troop in and campaign, but as soon as the elections are over, they fled with the votes and never returned until another election cycle”, he said.

Jauro Adamu expressed optimism that the primary school built by the PDP led government in the state is housing their over two hundred school children who he said were learning under the tree prior to the construction a classroom block.

“It was a terrible scenario even for the teachers especially during the rainy season, because any time it rains, classes will not hold for the children, but now classes can go on even during the rains.

“The children are optimistic and they are now learning inside a classroom; the gesture was a morale booster for many them because the turn out is higher when compared with the previous turn out where trees provided shelter for them”, he added.

Jauro Adamu who commended governor Bala Mohammed for the gesture added that the community still has a lot of lingering problems looking for government attention.

He said lack of health facility in the community has made life unbearable to its inhabitants. “We don’t have even a health post where we can comfortably get treated for ailments when we are sick, particularly our pregnant women.”

Jauro Adamu also requested the government to build the community’s dilapidate mosques which he said the villagers were unable to renovate.

Another resident of the community who identified himself as Abubakar Hassan told our correspondent that, apart from lack of medical facility in the community, “lack of access to agricultural support such as fertilizer is also our nightmare hear because I doubt if any member of the community has ever access fertilizer.

‘We are appealing to the state government to help us make fertilizer available so that we can improve our agricultural yields”, Abubakar begged.

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