Bamidele Salam Installs New Transformers in Ede, Egbedore LGs

The member representing Ede Federal Constituency in House of Representatives, Hon Bamidele Salam has distributed four new 500KVA transformers to different communities to address the electricity challenge.

The benefiting communities include Sekona in Ede South, Idi-Igba in Ejigbo Local Government, Alapupu and Oke Arula in Egbedore Local Government as well as Idi-Igba in Ejigbo Local Government.

According to Bamidele Salam, the project is part of 2023 intervention projects.

When “GOD WILL HELP US..” became a problem

By Bamidele Salam

Sometime last year, a delegation came to me from Sekona in Ede South Local Government to request for my help in replacing a faulty electricity transformer in the community. Sekona is a very strategic town and full of business activities, so I know what it meant for the people not to have power supply for many months. I listened to them and promised to see what can be done to fix the problem.

A few weeks after the visit, a man called me one afternoon. It was not a number registered on my phone. I picked up and he said he was one of those who came from Sekona to see me about the faulty transformer. He asked me how far and I answered him ” God will help us to solve the problem ” Those who know me understand that this is my usual response to those who ask for solutions to certain problems, especially those for which I had no immediate abilities to solve.

As soon as I told this man, “God will help us..”, he became enraged and began to insult me. I initially kept quiet but later answered him in a manner that showed my disapproval of his insults.

Now, God’s help has come and it is by way of one of my 2023 intervention projects. A brand new 500 KVA electricity transformer was today delivered to replace the spoilt one in Sekona. It meant an end to almost one year of total blackout.

Same gesture was extended to Alapupu and Oke Arula in Egbedore Local Government as well as Idi-Igba in Ejigbo Local Government who all got new transformers delivered to them today. It gave me joy to be a part of solving this problem.

The truth is that a leader may truly desire to solve some problems almost immediately but he may be constrained by several factors including lack of sufficient resources, approval of higher authorities or any other form of handicap.

In every situation, a man needs God’s help and so we return the glory and honour back to Him for this accomplishment.

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