Brain Builders Youth Development Initiative, a youth-based non-governmental-organization focused on community development, good governance and youth entrepreneurship has published a policy document on the prevention of COVID-19 in places of worship. The document is a product of an interfaith dialogue that involved leaders of different religious bodies.
Religious institutions were among the most affected institutions during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic as social interactions was limited due to the lockdown. The return to the ‘new normal’ means we must find safe ways to continue with regular activities especially in places of worship.
The project was carried out with support from the KAICIID International Dialogue Centre. The purpose is to ensure compliance with COVID-19 prevention mechanisms in places of worship, training religious leaders on the nature of the virus and how to debunk fake news.

The policy Brief highlights key roles of Government, religious leaders and individuals in ensuring the sustainability of preventive and protective controls against COVID-19.

Nigeria has received 3.94 million doses of the Oxford/AstraZeneca Covid-19 vaccines which is the first shipment of the proposed 16 million doses allocated to the country through the COVAX facility. The total number of doses covers about 10% of the country’s total population which leave a larger percentage of the population without vaccination.
While the vaccines will not cater for everyone, following laid down guidelines will prevent the spread of the virus. This policy document will aide the implementation of the guidelines and it has been made available to religious leaders, worshippers and citizens at large.

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