Brekete Family: NGIJ Appeals to Authority, Nigerians To Forgive Ordinary Ahmad

The Nigerian Guild of Investigative Journalists (NGIJ) has joined Ordinary Ahmad Isah Ordinary Ahmad Isah, the Founder/CEO of Human Rights Radio, Television and President of Brekete Family worldwide and well-meaning Nigerians to apologise for slapping a lady he was interviewing on Brekete Family Reality and Magazine Show in Human Rights Radio premises.

This was contained in as statement jointly signed by the President of The Guild, Ayo Mojoyinola and the General Secretary, Abdulrahman Aliagan respectively in Abuja on Thursday.

“For, it is human to err as nobody is above mistake, the beauty of it all is the fact that the Popular Presenter and Human Rights activist was remorseful and publicly apologised to the regulator, International community, Nigerians home and abroad, as well as ordinary Nigerians he stood for.”

Ordinary Ahmad

Against this backdrop, “We are joining the Ordinary President, Ahmad Isah and well-meaning Nigerians to tender unreserved apology to the concerned authority, National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) International community, Nigerians at home and in diaspora to please forgive his mistake as such would never repeat itself again.

It is instructive to note that, Ordinary Ahmad is a human being, a passionate father for that matter, he was simply overwhelmed emotionally as his action was not  deliberate or a calculated attempt to breach the rules and ethics of Journalism. He himself is a respecter of law and order, an advocate of a Just Society and a celebrated Human Rights activist.

For his impact in the lives of Ordinary Nigerians, a Pro-African Journalist, liberator and Humorist has for long been living his life for people as the name Ordinary Ahmad has become a brand in the Global Media space.

Apart from his interventionist programme, Ordinary Ahmad has been using his media platform as a source of employment generation where skills and vocational programmes are been made easier for young Nigerians to acquire.

With this, millions of Nigerians have become self-employed as well as employing people through Brekete Family Academy.

The man Ordinary Ahmad has single-handedly dedicated his energy, resources and time to the course of humanity and humanitarian work, he has made himself continuously available to serve as voice to the voiceless as well as hope to the hopeless, using the power of media to shape and reshape the society for good. He employs media instrument to put government agencies, corporate organisations and individual on their toes to do right thing.

On human rights fronts, Ordinary Ahmad, a dogged fighter in the course of fighting peoples’ battle has faced needless humiliation in the hands of oppressors and “Big Wigs” and some of these have put his own life in dangers, not because he gets anything from the victims he had chosen to fight on their behalf or any monetary gains but that has being what he chose to do and he enjoying doing it.

For his unrepentant spirit, so many cases have been instituted against Human Rights Radio and his person in several Nigeria’s courts, Ordinary Ahmad is indebted to the tune of Millions of Naira in several government and private Hospitals in Nigeria. He has succeeded in giving lives to so many Nigerians suffering from one ailment or the other ranging from kidney treatment and transplanting, sight recovery, child delivery and other unthinkable health issue involving surgical operations, to the glory of God and his philanthropic gestures, hopes and joys have been restored in several homes from far and near, without racial, ethnic or religious discriminations.

Owing to administrative injustice, oppression and humiliation several civil and public servants, private workers, pensioners in Police, Nigeria Army up to local government workers to teachers, Ordinary Ahmad had used his Human Rights activism to right so many wrongs done to Nigerians and foreigners.

To this end, we strongly believe that his apology and that of several Nigerians at home and abroad would be accepted to allow him to continue doing the good work God has sent him to do.


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