CHILDREN’S DAY: MOK Foundation Donates Food Items To Orphanage Home in Kwara

The Foundation For Community Development (MOK FOUNDATION) visited the Hope Motherless Babies home along the Idofian-Ilorin expressway on Monday to spread love and kindness to the children as the world celebrate children’s day.

MOK Foundation  team donated essential food items, bringing joy and smiles to the young faces.

The foundation’s team spent quality time with the children, engaging in fun activities, playing games, and sharing inspiring stories. The visit aimed to provide emotional support and create a sense of belonging among the children.

MOK Foundation Donates Food Items To Orphanage Home

“We believe every child deserves love, care, and support,” said Alhaji Tunde the representative of the MOK Foundation. “Our goal is to make a positive impact in their lives and provide a sense of hope for a brighter future.”

The Hope Babies Motherless Home cares for children, providing shelter, education, and healthcare. The foundation’s donation will help sustain the home’s efforts to provide for the children’s basic needs.

The MOK Foundation remains committed to supporting vulnerable groups and promoting community development.

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