Dakum: Peter Obi’s Candidate in Plateau

Dr Patrick Dakum is the Labour Party Governorship Candidate in Plateau State for March 18 election. Dakum, a grassroots politician and technocrat with track record of excellence alongside other party faithful delivered Plateau State during Presidential election held on February 25, 2023.

Plateau State, a miniature Nigeria, is a state strategically positioned by God to be a key player in the growth and development of Nigeria because of the abundant human and natural resources in the state.

Sadly, we cannot say with boldness that we are where we ought to be in terms of growth and development indices.

However, there is, in my opinion, and of course, the opinion of many, one man whom the cap fits far better than anyone else running the race to occupy the exalted seat.

Dr. Patrick Dakum

He’s Dr. Patrick Dakum. He is a fine gentleman of high repute with both local and international exposure and that should count for something if we are deciding whom to give the mandate and mantle of leadership to oversee the affairs of the Home of Peace and Tourism.

His wealth of experience in administration and politics overtime is undoubtedly a beautiful one. With him as the Captain of the ship, we hope to have adequate interventions in the areas of health (Everyone knows how he has brilliantly been leading the Institute of Human Virology!), education in a knowledge-driven economy(as an educationist and an Assistant Professor, we don’t need to worry about the poor state of our education – he has a team of educationists/administrators by him to transform the sector & our higher institutions will surely enjoy foreign collaboration!).

Agriculture, mining, tourism, human capital development, Information Technology, etc are areas designed to break Plateau State away from the shackles of poor revenue generation which would set us on the part of full industrialization and Digital transformation thus leading to job creation for our people in the new and knowledge-driven economy.

Dr. Dakum believes in continuity in governance and that gives us the assurance that abandoned projects will be completed and new projects initiated because there’s an absolute need to bridge the gap/deficit in infrastructural development in the state to ensure our state quickly catch up for inclusive growth and transformation to take place.

He knows the system in the state very well having been a Commissioner at some point in the state.

To say more, his plans for the security architecture of the state are interesting. His thoughts about enhancing Operation Rainbow and the use of vigilantes for improving internal security is a noble initiative. This is in addition to the synergy with other security agencies in the state and I believe with that and other planned measures, Plateau State should experience a much-improved security situation.

He believes strongly in accountability and that is what we are to expect with him in charge.

My dear people of Plateau State, it is the dawn of a new era for us. There are so many things to say about what Dr. Patrick Dakum brings to the table – these are just flashpoints of some of the great things to come.

We pray voters would think of the greater good of all & indeed the Plateau Project above any other interests!

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