Dee Pride Land Circle of Life Foundation Supports 100 Widows and Aged on Founder’s Birthday

Dee Pride Land Circle of Life Foundation, a non-governmental organisation dedicated to supporting vulnerable members of society, celebrated a special occasion on its founder’s birthday by bringing joy and relief to 100 widows and aged individuals.

The event was held at Rhema Christian Church and towers , Sango Ota, Ogun State .

Engr Ekundayo Kolawole Oduntan, the founder of the foundation, marked his 54th birthday by organizing a charitable event to provide food items, money and other essential supplies to those in need. This act of generosity was particularly significant to Ekundayo, who shared that he had never celebrated his birthday since the passing of his parents on the same day.

” In 1987 when i was at the age 17, I lost my father on my May 30th, which happened to be on my Both, 10 years later i lost my mother on my birthday as well, this tragedy has made me not to ever celebrate my Birthday.

” Now i wanted to turn a day of personal sorrow into an opportunity to bring happiness to others who are facing their own struggles,” Ekundayo Oduntan shared. “It is a privilege to be able to support these widows and aged individuals who often go unnoticed and underserved in our community.”

The beneficiaries of the foundation’s assistance expressed their gratitude and appreciation for the much-needed help they received. Many of them shared stories of hardship and difficulty, making the celebration even more meaningful and impactful.

Dee Pride Land Circle of Life Foundation continues to uphold its commitment to making a positive difference in the lives of those who are marginalized and disadvantaged. Through initiatives like this, the foundation strives to create a more compassionate and caring society for all.

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