Diabetes and its various causes: See how it can be prevent


Ucheanya Florence

The trend of diabetes among young adults and teenagers over the decades is troubling, meaning as blood sugar level in individuals is on the rapid increase. In light of the recently published findings on the Journal of Paediatrics from National Health and Nutrition Examination survey, major reasons diabetes have gained ground among youths and teenagers is because of the increase in the flow of blood and improper breakdown of glucose in the body.

          The westernization of our diet has also caused the increase of diabetes among youths. Today, we prefer junks that contain high cholesterol and refined sugar in drinks. These foods are limited in balanced diet. Scientists believe that the intake of too much sugary soft drinks can increase the chances of diabetes. Other causes include smoking which usually have high serious effect on cardiovascular part of the body such as the cells that are suppose to produce insulin for proper break down of glucose.

          Prolonged or badly controlled diabetes can lead to a number of illness such as blindness, hypertension, mental health (depression, anxiety), healing of wounds for diabetes patients might take longer time and sometimes they can end up with stroke.

          Diabetes among youths can be prevented by incorporating exercise in daily routine, monitoring of glucose and nutrition taking of balance diet, eating of fruits and vegetable. Severe cases of diabetes in youths or teenager can be controlled by taking insulin in form of injection or tablet.

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