Dr. Ahmad Tijjani Umar: The face of hope in Kaduna

Dr. Ahmad Tijjani Umar the face of hope in Kaduna

By~Hon. Najib Zakari

In reality leadership is given by God to whosoever he wants. Dr. Ahmad Tijjani Umar after the last election he has been ups and down to see how he can engaged the Kaduna youth, both graduates and non-graduates. He brought opportunity where many can use as source of income and also use as source of healthy living. I am indeed amazed as Kaduna indigene I have never witness a leader such wonderful like this man of hope.
Many people were medically attended to free without any cost in the yesterday medical program done by this wonderful man.

I urge the young kadites to come together for us to justify what our true lives should be like because most of our parents care not that is why they can still take peanuts in expense of our great future. In the last election our people lost it all that with just peanuts they were sold out, they took maggi, salt, indomies and N200 to reject a good leader for that one who doesn’t care about them. This is unfortunate. We’ve been crying out our pains that is the reason this man of great vision stands up to come and wipe away our tears, he has come to shoulder us only if we want so, he has come to be the steps for the young people’s greatness to come through.

Dr. Ahmad Tijjani Umar

Let’s make it right by joining a good movement and supporting TIJJANI in the coming election because he has shown advocacy for good leadership.

God bless Kaduna state.
God bless ATU.
God bless all our great Comrades from Kaduna state.

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