Ekiti 2022: SDP Presidential Candidate Drums Support for Segun Oni


The Social Democratic Party (SDP) held mega rally on Thursday June 16 at the Ekiti State pavilion, Ado Ekiti, in support of Chief Engineer Segun Oni, SDP Gubernatorial candidate in the upcoming governorship election.

Prince Adewole Adebayo, the SDP Presidential flag-bearer, joined the Governorship rally in Ekiti on behalf of the SDP and in support of Oni, a man he described as one with character, substance, ethics, and a gentle man to the core. “He is a symbol of Ekiti, who has come again, twice because he did well the first time and going to do better now” Prince Adewole remarked.

The rally featured eminent Nigerians and supporters of the SDP including; Senator Alkali, Sen. Ugochukwu Uba, Alhaji Musa Shehu Gabam (SDP National Chairman), and Dr. Olu Agunloye (National Secretary).

Noting the precedent of the party, Prince Adebayo, recalled that only the Social Democratic Party has won the ‘freest and fairest’ election ever held in the history of Nigeria. He brought to the realisation of those present that Nigeria is now in the hands of Nigerians. With a PVC at hand, he narrated that when the people put their thumb in front of white horse, the horse will in turn, carry all to development.

“I call on you and I trust you. I believe you will do what is right not only for EKITI state but also for Nigeria. They try to stop us, but they cannot stop us because suffering is too much”. Adebayo resounded that Nigerian money is not in the central bank but rather in the hands and pockets of APC and PDP figures.

The Social Democratic Party positions itself as a third force movement that is set to reclaim power from the ruling APC.

“Let us kick them out. Let us vote in SDP. SDP is progress. Thank you very much” Prince Adewole Adebayo pronounced at the Governorship rally convened in support of Chief Segun Oni for Governor of Ekiti State.


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