#EndSARS Protest Is a Revolutionary Uprising -Shehu Sani

A former senator in Kaduna state,  and a human right activist Senator shehu Sanni has said no body can stop the ongoing protest across the nation as he described the protest as a revolutionary uprising.

Shehu Sani while speaking at a gathering in Minna decried the poor handling of nations affair by the political office holders, noting that they have failed the nation.

He said the protest is far beyond end SARS,  stressing that the protest is against bad governance, insecurity, negligence and toying with the peoples intelligence.

Shehu sani also noted that the protest is against the system while urging the youths to take the protest to wards and ensure they sustain the tempo of the protest, as it is the only way to salvage their futures, adding that they should not spare any body in the protest.

He added that the handling of the nation’s affair by the policy makers and office holders has continue to retard the development of Nigeria, and it has make it impossible for the people of the country to move to advance level.

While describing the protest as insurrection by young Nigerians who are of false promises and deferred dreams, shehu sani particularly bemoan the rate at which public sectors have been destroyed by office holders for their selfish interest, as they have personalised governance and has made it impossible for children of the poor to attain any position in the country without prominence Nigerian.

He said ” How can a nation of ours amount such huge wealth with such huge poverty level?, you can’t get a job in Nigeria if you are a son of no body, you can’t be elected in Nigeria if you don’t have money and God father, so these must stop”. He said

While condemning the rate at which those in government have monopolised governance,  he said the youths have spoken loud and clear and their voice must be heard as the protest is rise against the system.

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