Farewell To Dr Abubakar Dzukogi, an Exceptional Rector of Federal Polytechnic Bida

By Abdulkadir Abdullahi Yahaya

Dear Dr. Abubakar Abdul Dzukogi, although your administration witnessed a lot of challenges, there’s no doubt that you recorded a lot of achievements like never done in recent history. Specifically, we are proud of you to have touched a lot of people’s lives, more so, as per human capital development, academic development, welfarism and corporate social responsibility.

Consequently, when Dr. Dzukogi came on board, he met only 39 PhD holders and now that he is leaving, we have almost 100 PhD holders. This is in addition to many MSc holders that have been added to the previous list. If not for his liberal policy, all these would not have been possible. Under Dzukogi, many staff’s request for study leave were granted and they eventually got additional qualifications which have added value to the polytechnic community.

Again, in the area of infrastructure, we are proud of the many structures that the Rector has built in his eight years of stewardship. Some of these infrastructures include; construction of BAM Academic Staff Complex, construction of a CBT centre, construction of Physical Planning and Development building, construction of School of Environmental Complex, renovation of SAAS and Chemical Engineering Complexes, renovation of NICON hostel, construction of OTM department, reconstruction of Hostel E, and renovation of Hostel J.

Dr Abubakar Dzukogi hands over to new Rector of Federal Polytechnic Bida

Others notable projects include, construction of a new Mass Communication Department Complex (ongoing), construction of new Academic Staff Complex (ongoing), construction of 1000 seater capacity Twin-Lecture Theatre, renovation of Accountancy department, renovation of Computer Science department, renovation of the Central Administrative building, construction of a new Administrative building, construction of two new class room complexes, construction of a central laboratory for pure science students, provisions of equipment for many laboratories, workshops, studios and many more.

As a matter of fact, he has created additional departments more than any Rector in recent history.

He has created new schools/faculties like never done in the history of our institution.

He has introduced new courses more than any Rector in recent history of our institution.

He has introduced degree programmes and brought university education closer to our people. Many people, including the suspended and immediate past ASUP-BD Chairman, Abubakar Ndaasabe, aka ABU, who has always insulted the Rector and Rector’s supporters, have benefited from this degree programme.

Abdullahi Abdulkadir Yahaya with outgoing Rector Federal Polytechnic Bida, Dr Abubakar Dzukogi

Again, the Rector has facilitated the training of staff more than any one else in polytechnic’s history. This is as a result of great commitment and dedication to duty.

He has also employed a lot of Nigerians into the services of the Polytechnic.

He has established a campus radio for the Polytechnic.

He has achieved the establishment of Micro-Finance Bank and many more.

All these and many more are the achievements we are celebrating. It’s about eight years of meritorious services that are verifiable.

Abdulkadir Abdullahi Yahaya is the SSA to Rector/Deputy Director, Directorate of Communication and Related Matters. He writes from
Department of Mass Communication, Federal Polytechnic Bida

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