Nigerian student, Ifesinachi Nelson Eze, has become the first African ever to make a 5.0 GPA in a Masters degree in Russia.

Ifesinachi Nelson Eze recently concluded his Master’s degree at Saint Petersburg Agrarian University in Russia with a distinction. His well done research in Agronomy contributed to this

The young Nigerian for his excellence has been awarded with a Ph.D scholarship. Nelson’s research on species of Aegilops gained him recognition from the European Science Community.

His dedication in research helped him decipher falsified records in the previous research done for the Russian government. With his discovery the Russian government has now updated plant bank gene collections with effective genes.

The young man, who has a dream of sorting out food crisis in Nigeria. also gave his Russian institution a good and reputable name for spotting the irregularities in the previous research works.

The 26-year old Ifesinachi Nelson Ezeh hails from Nsukka, Enugu State, Southeastern region of Nigeria. For graduating with a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 5.0, Russia celebrated him: noting that he is the first ever to do so. It is in fact the highest that Russia has ever recorded.

During his graduation at the Russia’s Saint Petersburg State Agrarian University, the Russia’s Ministry of Agriculture and the school leadership recognized and commended his efforts. They complimented him greatly for his devout contribution to research and scholarship.

In 2008, Nelson read about the scholarship scheme to study in Russia in the papers. At the time he was already enrolled at the Nigerian College of Aviation Studies in Zaria, Kaduna State. He wanted the scholarship so he gave up his admission at the college of aviation.

“1 was among the top five students selected at the College of A after the scholarship examination… I was waiting to resume at the college when / received a call from Abuja, inviting me to come for the scholarship interview. The urgency of the information gave me no room for preparation. But, / went for the interview and traveled to Russia for study.”

Ifesinachi Nelson Eze is an intelligent Nigerian with prospects. He had earlier completed his undergraduate degree with a CGPA of 4.92. It appears the Nigerian embassy in Russia is yet to acknowledge the achievement of this bright and brilliant young man.


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