Frequencie Buzzling Internet With ‘WAKANDA’ Dedicated To Chadwick Boseman (Listen)

Nigerian Born Afro Rock Star, Ayokanmi Oluwasegun Eyanro professionally known as Frequencie has dedicated his hit song ‘Wakanda’ to late Black Panther’s Chadwick Boseman who died in August.

Frequencie said Chadwick Boseman who produced movie thrillers including Black Panther while battling Clone Cancer remains huge motivation to alot of across the world.


Wakanda released Frequencie under Soft Life Style Records in 2019 projected the beauty of African culture and the strength of a typical African man. The Nigerian born song writer in the message filled lyrics encourage Africans to keep aiming high with dedication, consistency and hardwork, noting their background or place birth should not be a limitation to attaining set goals.

WAKANDA song by the Afro Song Star and Social Justice Crusader aligned with Black Panther Super Hero inspiration for producing his movie thrillers for global audience.

In his tribute to Chadwick Boseman, Frequencie said the late actor would be “forever a superhero in our hearts” in a caption at the end of the promo. He told fans: “You are a superhero in your own right, and don’t ever forget that.”

“We’re all superheroes. As much as we come from where we come from, we might be disadvantaged, we might have so many obstacles in front of us, you are a superhero in your own right, and don’t ever forget that,” he said.
“Those little skills that we have, those big skills that we have, those talents, those things that often go ignored, that makes you a superhero.”


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