Fuel Subsidy Removal: NANS Threatens To Shutdown Nigeria

…Asks FG To Fix Refineries

The National Association of Nigerian Students on Friday threatened to shut down the country should the Federal Government proceed to remove subsidy from petrol.

The President of NANS, Sunday Asefon issued the threaten during a press conference held in Abuja.

The umbrella body for  Nigerian students called on all its allied structures to be on the alert for further directives on the next action.

The President of NANS, Sunday Asefon

According to him, although NANS was not totally against deregulation, the conditions for such already agreed upon must be out in place before deregulation.

The text of the briefing was titled “Nigeria will be shut down should the Federal Government attempt the removal of fuel subsidy as allegedly being proposed.”

Asefon said, “None of those conditions is in place at the moment. It is therefore very strange that the Federal Government could contemplate the removal of fuel subsidy now.

“The four refineries are not functioning, and if they are functioning at all, it is at a near-zero level. There is zero consultation with stakeholders to even consider issues around deregulation and why it should or should not be. The survival of Nigerian workers and their wards is yet to be discussed, yet a date that may take lives out of them have been fixed.

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