Gadaff Visits Kwara Police Commissioner

Former Special Assistant on Youth Empowerment to Kwara State Governor, Hon Sulaimon Gadaff visited  the Commissioner of Police in Kwara State.

Gadaff during the visit at Kwara Police commissioner’s office, focused on devising effective strategies to mobilize grassroots efforts against crimes and social vices.

He offered useful solutions engaged to tame youth-involved crimes and social misconduct in the state. “Recognizing the importance of addressing these issues promptly, both leaders underscored the need for collaborative efforts between the government, law enforcement agencies, and the community at large.”

Commissioner of Police, CP Ebunoluwa Rotimi Adelesi emphasized the significance of grassroots mobilization in curbing the surge of criminal activities.

She highlighted the essence of empowering communities to take charge of their security and encouraging active participation in maintaining law and order. CP Adelesi further suggested the organization of symposiums and sensitization programs specifically aimed at the youth population.

By that, honourable Gadaff commended the efforts of the Kwara State Police Command in their relentless pursuit of ensuring safety and security across the state.

He also pledged his full support of the government in any endeavor geared towards promoting peace and harmony.The ASA local Government breed visionary young leader and CP Adelesi affirmed their dedication to open dialogues with youth groups, community leaders, and civil society organizations. They believe that engaging the collective wisdom and experiences of various stakeholders will lead to innovative solutions and sustainable outcomes.



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