Gombe 2023: APC Dismisses Fake Audio of Gov Inuwa


The Gombe APC Campaign Council wishes to, for the umpteenth time, draw the attention of the good people of Gombe State to the desperation of a particular opposition party in the state, which is bent on waging a campaign of calumny against the APC governorship candidate, Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya.

Recall that few days ago, we alerted the public to their antics, and true to their stock in trade, a few hours after that, they came up with concocted lies just to tarnish the image of Governor Inuwa Yahaya.

As we reported a couple of days ago, credible intelligence has uncovered a similar plot ahead of Saturday’s governorship elections. As with the previous attempt, the plot is to fabricate audio recordings in which Governor Inuwa purports to disparage traditional institutions, religious and tribal groups. Due to their relentless attacks on our common heritage and peaceful coexistence and in their desperate attempts to take power, we felt obliged to once again raise the alarm and inform Gombe State’s citizens of the shenanigans that those unscrupulous elements and enemies of our dear state are engaging in.

It represents the height of desperation and political rascality that the opposition resorts to the use of deepfake technology, where criminals mimic the voice and video of certain individuals with the aim of blackmailing the governor and disinforming the people of Gombe State. Only yesterday, this same party was involved in another criminal act of forging and spreading a court order purportedly disqualifying a rival candidate.

Clearly, the opposition in Gombe State has nothing to campaign against Governor Inuwa Yahaya’s sterling achievements, as evidenced by the use of blackmail and evil propaganda. It is important to remind the opposition that elections are not won by blackmail and disinformation, but by demonstrating a candidate’s excellent record, experience, character, and integrity. There is no other candidate who can match Governor Muhammadu Inuwa Yahaya’s achievements in all of these areas.

It would be reasonable to ignore their evil antics and allow Gombe voters to punish them at the ballot box by re-electing Governor Inuwa Yahaya for a second term. However, repeated lies can achieve the appearance of truth. Gombe people are not fools and they won’t be deceived by nasty opposition propaganda. Our people will never trade 4 years of strong achievements and tangible progress with the empty promises being parroted by those discredited opposition groups.

No matter how they try, the bond between Governor Inuwa and the good people of Gombe State is unbreakable. Their desperation represents the last kick of a dying opposition that is no match to Dan-Maje’s imposing political momentum. The good people of Gombe State are wise enough to recognize and reject evil political propaganda like the one being peddled by the opposition.

We are satisfied with the assurances from security agencies that they are on the trail of those cyber criminals and their paymasters, and we hope that they would very soon make their investigations public in order to expose the evil faces behind this dastardly act of blackmail and disinformation. We call on all our supporters and the good people of Gombe State to remain focused, steadfast and resolute on our mission of re-electing Dan-Majen Gombe in order to continue on the path of sustainable progress and all-inclusive development.


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