Governor Umo Eno’s First Year in Office Has Brought Tremendous Results – Iniobong Ekong

Akwa Ibom State Commissioner for Lands and Town Planning, Captain Iniobong Ekong (Rtd), has lauded the first year of Governor Umo Eno’s administration, highlighting the substantial progress and development achieved in the State.

Speaking to the press on Thursday, Capt. Ekong praised Governor Eno’s visionary leadership and commitment to transforming the state. “Governor Umo Eno’s one year in office has yielded tremendous results for the people of Akwa Ibom,” Ekong stated. “His administration has focused on infrastructure development, economic growth, and enhancing the quality of life of the people.”

Under Governor Eno’s leadership, several key projects have been initiated and completed, significantly impacting various sectors, especially people in rural communities.

Captain Iniobong Ekong, Akwa Ibom State, Land Commissioner

The Commissioner pointed to the rapid development in the housing sector, which has seen the construction of affordable homes and the improvement of urban planning across the state. “We have witnessed remarkable strides in town planning and land management, ensuring sustainable development and orderly expansion of our cities,” Ekong added.

Capt. Ekong also highlighted the administration’s efforts in education, healthcare, and infrastructure. “From the renovation and construction of schools and hospitals to the expansion of our road networks, Governor Eno has demonstrated a passion for service and commitment to the welfare of Akwa Ibomites,” he noted. “These projects are not just about building structures but about building a future for our people.”

The Commissioner expressed optimism about the future, emphasizing that the foundations laid in the past year will pave the way for sustained growth and development. “Governor Umo Eno has set a clear path for the future, and I am confident that his administration will continue to deliver on its promises, bringing prosperity and progress to Akwa Ibom State,” Capt. Ekong added.

The Commissioner, however, used the opportunity to issue a firm warning to individuals encroaching on government lands and properties, emphasizing that their time is up. He stressed that the current administration is prioritizing the protection and utilization of public amenities and will not tolerate any unauthorized occupation of government lands.

“The time is up for those encroaching into government lands and properties,” Capt. Ekong said. “We urge all those involved in these unlawful activities to relocate immediately. This administration is committed to safeguarding its assets and ensuring they are used for the benefit of the public.”

He added that Governor Umo Eno is committed to ensuring that government lands and properties serve the greater good, rather than the interests of a few.

According to him, Perpetrators are hereby warned to desist from using government properties unlawfully and to seek proper relocation before the long arm of the law catches up with them.

The Commissioner reiterated that government would take all necessary legal actions against those who continue to encroach on government lands.

He urged affected individuals to comply promptly with the directive to avoid facing severe consequences.

As Governor Eno marks his first year in office, the accolades from various quarters reflect a broad consensus on the positive impact of his governance. The administration’s focus on inclusive development and strategic planning signals a promising future for Akwa Ibom State in the years to come.

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