Group Advocates For Responsible Social Media Usage

A network of six civil society organizations called African Community Impact and Development Network (AFRI-CID) is coming with a program called Nigeria Youth Discourse, aimed at providing a platform for youths to come together and fashion out ways of peaceful coexistence and responsible use of the social media.

The brains behind the event, billed to begin soon in Nasarawa State, and then in other parts of the country, visited Mr Femi Adesina, Special Adviser on Media and Publicity to President Muhammadu Buhari, at State House, Abuja.

Lawrence Audu, Mariam Al-Qasim, and Gabriel Onuh, said the corporate existence of the country is being threatened through irresponsible use of social media, “and this is capable of degenerating into major catastrophe, if not quickly tackled.” That is why Nigeria Youth Discourse is being organized.

Adesina commended the youths for their initiative, noting that youths must see themselves as integral part of the country, and embrace positive youth of social media for national cohesion.
The youths had kind words for Adesina, whom they said was “doing a good job for the unity of the country” and presented him with a plaque to commemorate the visit.

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