Hakeem Lawal Launches Mobile Health clinic With Two Ambulances

I know firsthand that access to medical care in our state is limited, especially in the rural areas and suburbs, even those with access find it challenging to utilize due to limited financial resources and other limitations.

In the past, we have collaborated with some volunteers to carry out various medical outreach to the people in their localties within the Ilorin metropolis, but the need for such outreach is everywhere in the state.

Our outreach made us understand that it’s not just modern medical supplies and equipment the people of Kwara need, they also need an improved ambulance service for emergency cases, hence, the need for the procurement of the ambulances that will aid such outreach.

All efforts must be concentrated on providing good healthcare deliverables to our people, this the government surely can’t do alone, it is in this spirit that I procured two (2) Mercedes Benz ambulances for onward donation to Awliya Foundation, a foundation founded in memory of my father – Mohammed Alabi Lawal.

I remain committed to my social responsibilities, and will continue to contribute the little I can, to the overall development of my dear state. It is in this spirit that I hereby donate this ambulances for the purpose of a mobile health clinic.

I also use this occasion to call on other good-spirited Kwarans, both at home and in the diaspora to contribute their own quota to the upliftment of the healthcare system of the state, and other sectors.

Hakeem Oladimeji Lawal
Chairman; Awliya Foundation

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