Hakeem Lawal Pledges Support for 2022 Kwara Idol

…Offers Free Registration Form to Potential Idols

…Lauds Organizer on PVC Stance for Registration

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) governorship candidate in Kwara State, Hakeem Oladimeji Lawal has pledged his full support for the Kwara Idol Season III project.

The Project Director of Kwara Idol, Idika Benjamin (Ben Da Poet) in a statement issued on Monday, said Hakeem Lawal has expressed his Interest at supporting Kwara Idol Season III by buying forms for all participants, thereby making it free for all, to this year’s prospective participants.

In his words, Benjamin said, “Hakeem Lawal heard about our project’s internal policy of the Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC) as a criteria to participate in this year’s event, and decided to reach out to us, to discuss his plans for the incoming edition.

“He expressed delight with the PVC policy, noting that it will go along way in encouraging more youth to register ahead of the 2023 general elections.

“He was also marveled that fellow youths took it upon themselves to encourage and empower other youths, noting that it is a novel thing to do.

Hakeem Lawal Pledges Support for 2022 Kwara Idol

“Hakeem Lawal will be supporting Kwara Idol Season III by headlining sponsorship of this year’s edition, through registration forms of participants and also supporting the organization handsomely in cash and kinds”.

The Kwara Idol show provides a platform for musically talented young people to fully express themselves in front of a large audience as well as panel of judges, whose duty is to appraise each performance, critique and evict when necessary.

The Kwara Idols began in 2017 with a huge number of aspiring superstars battling on stage week after week to win the grand prize as well as international recognition. Since it’s debut in December the same year, many youths have shown massive interest in the twists and turns which have become a regular part of the show.

Past winner of the Kwara Idol Reality TV Show includes crooner of the Airtel “444” the trending “Adulthood Na scam
anthem” crooner, Lade and 2S’M

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