How Gombe Governor’s inclusive approach engenders greater trust of non-indigenes


With the remarkable success of his peace and security agenda that has made Gombe State a safe haven for indigenes, settlers, visitors, tourists and investors alike, the majority of non-indigenes residing in Gombe State have thrown their weight behind Governor lnuwa Yahaya’s re-election bid. Harping on the tranquility and stability of the Jewel in the Savannah, the non-indigenous community made up of lgbos,Yorubas, Ibiras, Igalas, etc are massively in support of the administration of Governor lnuwa Yahaya given the fact that his trailblazing tenure has guaranteed the safety and security of lives and properties throughout the state engendered by his pacifist and tolerant disposition that sees all as citizens of one indivisible Nigeria regardless of ethnic, religious or sectional inclination.

Due to the unpleasant fact that non-indigenes are historically, the ones that suffer the most from any civil strife, political crisis or violent clashes, they are exceedingly grateful for the relative peace and political stability presently prevailing in Gombe State vowing to solidly support Governor lnuwa Yahaya through thick and thin in the upcoming guber polls no matter whose ox is gored in the process.

Things have not always been so smooth sailing as many settlers can remember the infamous days of the YanKalare criminal gangs when political thugs,touts and enforcers held sway unleashing mayhem and destruction on would be opponents or perceived adversaries before the advent of the progressive DanMajen Gombe administration. On assumption of office, a tough talking Governor lnuwa Yahaya read out the riot act to all potential troublemakers, thugs and miscreants to either toe the path of peace, reason and dialogue or face the full wrath of the law.

Many a rabble-rouser scampered for safety while those that dared the Gombe chief executive found themselves holding the short end of the stick, no more, no less.

Apart from strengthening the mechanisms of law enforcement, equipping and funding the security formations in the state and enlisting the services of local hunters and vigilantes, Governor lnuwa Yahaya has also involved ethnic, religious and traditional rulers in the formulation and implementation of security related policies as well as conflict resolution mechanisms.

This inclusive approach has engendered greater trust and confidence in law enforcement policies among the indigenous and settler communities in Gombe State, thus enhancing the peace,security and stability desiderata of the government.

Also the personal disposition and body language of Governor lnuwa Yahaya is a crucial selling point for his security agenda as it is inclusive, pacifist, tolerant, accommodating and open to all ideas, persons, opinions and perspectives irrespective of ethnic, religious,sectional, linguistic or partisan affiliations as far as they are geared towards moving Gombe State and the nation forward in the crucial scheme of things.

With Gombe State, a model and citadel of tolerance, accommodation, peace, security and stability, there is scant surprise that indigenes and the largely vulnerable non-indigenes are trooping to the Governor lnuwa Yahaya-led APC camp in droves for a repeat of the first term peace dividend of the awesome DanMajen Gombe. Indeed, One peaceful, stable and secure term deserves another.


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