Inside Story of How Governor Ganduje is Revamping Kano Economic

By Oyewale Oyelola

When Governor Umar Abdullahi Ganduje was declared winner of 2015 governorship election in the most populated state in Nigeria-Kano State, it comes with mixed feeling for him because he emerged as governor about two decades after his first attempt in 1999 and this definitely made him a fulfilled man while on the other part thinking of how to fulfill his campaign promises amidst the huge debts his predecessor-Senator Musa Kwankwaso left for the new government.

The Transition Committee discovered that the state was indebted to the tune N300billion with hundreds of abandoned projects scattered all over the state. Therefore, Ganduje’s first day in office as governor was not for merry making but a day strategize and plan how to rescue the state from the current situation by using his wealth of experience and ingenuity to build viable economy for the state.

Apparently, the inauguration speech of Dr Abdullahi Ganduje on May 29, 2015 captured his plans of moving Kano State forward from present position by saying: “I am part and parcel of the Kwankwaso’s administration and whatever must have happened; we all should take the responsibility. On the issue of liabilities, yes, it is correct that we have huge liabilities, but that does not mean that it is a crime, we planned everything together with my boss (Kwankwaso); but unfortunately, what we envisaged did not work as the price of oil came down. So, what do we do? We could not complete the projects because of lack of funds-that is not a problem. Now, it is a matter of re-planning and rescheduling.”

Governor Ganduje as part of efforts to boost the economy of Kano state has introduced several incentives such as Free Land for the setting up of Industrial/Manufacturing ventures to attract investors.

Ganduje added that investors will also get tax holidays or relief for industrial ventures, provision of adequate infrastructure, water, and electricity for business as well as stable and secure environment.
According to him, “the state government also has excellent legal and other support for ease of business, would provide support for local employment of staff, facilitate transfer of dividend or profit net of taxes in addition to Zero tolerance for corruption”.

Unsurprisingly, Kano State has been reaping the rewards of policies introduced by a visionary, focused, sound minded, responsible and responsive leader-Dr Abdullahi Ganduje with the all round development going in the state. The state does not owe its 151,000 work force salaries despite the fall in global oil price/drop in monthly allocation from federal account. While the peoples’ governor is putting smile on the face of his people with implementation of impactful and life changing empowerment programmes.

Without doubt Kano State is on the path to greatness and economic prosperity with the ingenuity and prudent management of scarce resources of the state by Dr Umar Abdullahi Ganduje.

Successes Attained By Governor Abdullahi Ganduje in Commerce and Manufacturing Sector 

✓ Sustained effort of providing independent power plant and improvement of general infrastructure, which to a large extent boost confidence of industrialists and businessmen willing to invest in the State;

✓ Completing renovation of the Ministry of Commerce, Industry, Cooperatives and Tourism;

✓ Development and Hosting of Enterprise portal, which consists of digital business directory, and e-Commerce;

✓ Redesigning of Kantin Kwari and construction of new shops and Yan Tebura Mall;

✓ Signing of MoU for the construction of Kano Economic City located at Dangwauro with Brains and Hammers;

✓ Payment of 1250 graduates from the Entrepreneurship Development Centre N50,000 startup capital;

✓ Acquisition of piece of land at Minjibir for the development of Northwest Tourism Empowerment Centre by the Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation;

✓ Establishment of Kantin Kwari Caretaker Committee to oversee the activities of the market Agriculture Agriculture has been accorded a priority status as a result of special focus in the Government’s diversification strategy, because of its inherent potential toward realization of the food security and enhanced revenues. Achievements:

✓ Renovation of 9no. Retail outlet stores in selected Local Governments

✓ Procurement and Installation of new line of production of fertilizer of 20 – 30 metric tons per hour capacity at KASCO

✓ Construction of additional new retail stores in 8no selected Local Governments

✓ Construction of new office block at Dakata factory Nassarawa LGA.

✓ Purchase of trucks and other vehicles for KASCO worth N35,190,000



Ganduje’s Reforms: Building Solid Foundation For Economic Prosperity of Kano State

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