Islamic Scholar Enjoins Muslims To Belief in Destiny

…says nothing can befall human beings without Allah’s knowledge

An Ibadan-based Islamic Scholar , Imam Idrees Oluwakemi, has enjoined all Muslims faithful to rely on Allah and have strong belief in article of faith.

Oluwakemi, while delivering a lecture at the Annual Ramadan Lecture and Iftar of Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria, Ministry of Information branch, Oyo State, held at the Masjid Awwal Mosque, Secretariat, Ibadan, said that nothing can befall human beings without Allah’s knowledge.

In his lecture titled: “Islamic perspective on Qadar”explained that all Muslims must believe that whatever misses them , were not for them , adding that everything is subjected to the will and decree of Allah.

According to him, the trial of human being is one of which the beginning and end is pre-ordained. The past, future, and present are all in the sight of Allah:all are already completed.
Allah has decreed all things from eternity”. He knows that they will happen, when they will happen, how they will happen, and “He has written that and willed it”.

Allah has knowledge of all things.” (Qur’an, 64:11) Believers enjoy the ease and comfort of knowing that everything befalling them is destined to do so.
He explained that belief in Qadar (divine destiny) consists of four things:
Understand that Allah’s knowledge encompasses all creation and He knows all that His creation will do. Before they even did it; believe that Allah writes everything that happens in the Book of Decisions (Al-Lawh Al-Mahfooz);the assumption that everything that Allah’s determines will happen and what He does not want will not happen.
Knowing that Allah created everything, including the actions of his creation.

He noted that prayers and zadaka are capable of changing bad fortunes to good .
Earlier, in his welcome address, the branch Coordinator,Alhaji Daud Agboola, said that the lecture is an annual event that is targeted at uplifting the belief of Muslim Ummah in the Deen of Islam.
Agboola, who spoke through Brother Fasasi Ismail, appreciated all that participated in the programme,prayed that Allah will preserve everyone to witness many of such occasions on the surface of earth.

The Chairman, Muslim Media Practitioners of Nigeria,Oyo State, Alhaji Abdul Rofih Adebayo, advised participants not to allow their present positions to affect their beliefs in God but stand by Allah at all times .
He applauded all members and elders of the branch for their efforts in keeping the flag flying and appealed to moribund members to be up and doing.

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