Issa was a reputable benchwarmer at the green chamber – Olododo’s Aide


The Ganiyu Saka-Cook Olododo Campaign Council (GSCCO) has said there is no basis for comparison between the Social Democratic Party’s (SDP) candidate for Ilorin East/South Federal Constituency, Hon. Abdulganiyu Saka Cook-Olododo and his PDP contender, Wahab Issa, noting Olododo has surpassed his opponents on all available threshold for assessing political officeholders.

In a statement reacting to a sponsored junky report opinion sponsored by the PDP candidate, Olododo campaign spokesperson, Ibrahim Sheriff said “The overwhelming reception accorded Olododo across the Federal Constituency has thrown the PDP candidate off-balance and needs such self adulation to console himself ahead of his imminent defeat, come 25th February.”

“It is unsurprising to us, that our opponent unsuccessfully struggle to establish a basis for comparison between himself and Hon. Olododo, having realize the stunning acceptance of the SDP candidate by the people, he however failed, as he, again, prove he is a pathological political liar who goes about spreading spurious propaganda to curry support, when he is unable to give even his media spinners the accurate facts and statistics about his achievements as a lawmaker.

“As a lawmaker, within less than four (4) years, Olododo has sponsored no fewer than six (6) bills, including that of Federal Medical Centre, Fufu establishment (passed and awaiting presidential assent), Federal College of Education, Ilorin establishment, National Agency for Technological Incubation establishment, repeal of National Manpower Board Act, amendment of Pension Reform Act and Nigeria Correctional Service Trust Fund establishment. Olododo’s contributions to critical issues of national significance on the floor of the House cannot also be underestimated, most recent is his vibrant pro-people advocacy over the Naira swap policy which is widely publicized has attracted commendations from community and religious leaders.

“Conversely, in his four (4) years as lawmaker, Issa was a reputable benchwarmer at the green chamber, who had no impact on the floor of the House. He may wish to prove us wrong by pointing out his contributions (if any) to issues of national importance as a lawmaker.

“Our candidate, Hon. Olododo understands the need to use instrumentality of lawmaking to solve societal problems, which will consequently generate sustainable employment like many of the bills sponsored by the SDP candidate and not merely brandishing spurious data of nonexistent employment beneficiaries.

“Notwithstanding, against unsubstantiated claims by Issa, Olododo as a lawmaker has to his credit, facilitation of federal employment for no fewer than sixteen (16) indigents, while he had facilitated no fewer than 305 gainful employment for Kwarans during his sojourn as local government Chairman, Commissioner, SSG and Chief of Staff. He has also sponsored facilitated empowerment programs that has taken thousands of Ilorin East and South constituents out of poverty, all of which are verifiably documented.

“It is equally gratifying to note that the PDP candidate and his team attest to the unprecedented social amenities and infrastructure facilitated by Olododo, which includes over 1,300 solar powered streetlights, solar powered boreholes, farm tent driers, classrooms and public lavatories across the 23 wards of Ilorin East/South. We make bold to say that as representative member, in the dark ages for that matter, the PDP candidate couldn’t also beat that record.

“Our democracy has advanced beyond the level of peddling falsehood. We challenge the PDP candidate, Wahab Issa to categorically state the number of employment he facilitated and the beneficiaries. We make bold to say even on his major acclaimed selling point, Olododo surpassed him.

“Politically, there is no gainsaying that Olododo, whom has contested and won election on his own personal credibility to a Wahab Issa, who has never contested any election in his own name. He has contested elections either under the political cover of our late sage – Baba Saraki or Senator Bukola Saraki, under whom he is still running this time.

“We marvel at Wahab Issa and his minions, who seem not to have learnt that politics has evolved beyond choice of big political parties that has failed our people, to a choice of people with personal credibility, competence and track record of outstanding service to our people. Did he ask himself why he lost in 2019, against Olododo, when he contested under the same PDP, with the backing of a sitting Governor and state apparatus? This time won’t be different, for the PDP candidate.

“We understand how perplexing the uninspiring outings of our candidate’s contender in the PDP can be for him, we however caution him not to lose the virtue of being truthful, even if he’s losing the 25th February election. Because the people have resolve to pitch their tent with the incontrovertible truth”, the statement added.


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