Joe Biden Wins Texas As Trump Takes Florida


The Democratic Party Presidential Candidate for 2020 United States Election, Joe Biden is leading in Texas, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire based on the reported votes.

In Texas, Joe Biden polled 3,100,811 votes while President Donald Trump, the Republican Party Candidate garnered 3,007,851votes with over 48 percent votes reported.

Donald Trump has emerged victorious in his State, Florida with 5,376,811 votes while Biden had 5,117,425. 88percent of Florida votes have been collated and this translates to 29 electoral college votes.

Trump is also leading in Georgi a, South Carolina, Michigan.

FactualTimes reports that Joe Biden has secured 85 electoral college votes while Trump 61 so far.

The first to reach 270 out 527 electoral college votes will emerge winner of 2020 United States Presidential Election irrespective of popular votes outcome.

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