Joel Oyatoye Not Our Member – Afin Oro Ruling House

There is palpable tension in ORO Kingdom, Kwara State as regards the Kingship Tussle, following the alleged impersonation by One Mr. Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye, who claims to come from the Oba Oloro Olufayo Afin Oro Ruling House.

The Olufayo Ruling House had written to the Oloro of Oro Chiefs In Council, debunking the Claim by Mr. Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye that he belongs to their Family, stressing that he is from Ile Isale-Osin in Iludun Oro, in which his Family is not entitled to be King in ORO Kingdom.

The Letter further stressed that the Olufayo Ruling House and Afin Oro in general does not in anyway have any relationship or bond with the alleged impostor, Mr. Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye.

The Oba Oloro Olufayo Afin Oro Ruling House specifically declared that Prince Clement Oyebode Ogundokun as the Candidate of the Ruling House to ascend the throne of his Forebears.

It is however using the medium to call on the ORO Kingdom Kingmakers and the General Public not to regard him as a Member of the Olufayo Afin Oro Ruling House, nor have any transaction with him as part of the aforementioned Ruling House.

Investigation revealed that Mr. Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye has alleged financially induced the Kingmakers, prompting them to be economical with the truth, despite the fact that the impostor does not have a kingship bloodline.

Sources within ORO Kingdom disclosed that Mr. Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye is a Canada returnee, who is doing everything humanly possible to become King.

He is said to have been flaunting money and spending extravagantly to induce the people, most especially the Kingmakers, but the people of ORO Kingdom had remain resolute and queue behind the rightful owner of the throne in person of Prince Clement Oyebode Ogundokun.

The Olufayo Ruling House however warn Mr. Joel Olaniyi Oyatoye to desist from parading himself as a bonafide Member of the Family, should he fail to desist from impersonating himself as Member of Ruling House, the matter will be escalated and officially reported to the Security Agents and other appropriate quarters.

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