Kidstech: Guidelines on How to Apply for African Young Innovators Challenge

Step by step Guidelines on how to apply for African Young Innovators Challenge (AYIC)

The African Young Innovators Challenge (AYIC) is an annual contest that gives a platform to young African kids to showcase innovation and creativity in the area of technology.

The contest is open to kids within the ages of 6-15 and has a winning prize of 5000USD which will cover cash prizes and other benefits.

For the maiden edition (AYIC 2021), Innovations in the areas of SECURITY, HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT would be considered.

The competition is in two categories:
Category 1: Individual
Category 2: Team (For a maximum of three(3) people)
Step by step guidelines on how to apply for AYIC 2021:

Stay focus and read through

Step 1
Visit the AYIC website (

Step 2
Click on the Register Button on the Home Page.

Step 3
Select your entry category:

Individual – For a single person

Team – For a maximum of 3 people.

Step 4
Fill out the forms with your correct details and pieces of information.

Step 5
Verify your identity by clicking on the link sent to your email.

Step 6
After verifying your email – You will be automatically redirected to a page where you will take a quick test (Ensure you read this particular section’s instruction attentively before proceeding).

Step 7
Proceed to your dashboard and upload all required documents (Passport etc).

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