Kogi 2023: SDP Flagbearer, Ajaka Emerges Igala Consensus Candidate 

The Social Democratic Party (SDP) Flagbearer, Hon  Murtala Ajaka has emerged as the Igala Consensus Candidate for Kogi 2023 governorship election.

Murtala Ajaka was endorsed on Saturday during event attended by prominent Igala politicians across political parties.

The Igala Cultural Development Association (ICDA) said Igala politicians and stakeholders would mobilize support for SDP candidate ahead of November 11 gubernatorial election.

Murtala Ajaka

In his response, Ajaka expressed his deep gratitude and unwavering commitment to their support

He also hinted at plans to transform key infrastructures and work closely with the ICDA to address the concerns of the people if elected.

According to Ajaka, appears promising, despite potential attempts to sow discord and disunity. He called on his supporters to refrain from retaliatory actions and assured a comprehensive response to any challenges on November 11th, 2023.

In a show of unity, seven out of eleven Igala sons who initially sought gubernatorial tickets in various parties withdrew their candidacies in favor of Ajaka. This alliance signifies a strong start, with the candidate likening it to scoring seven out of eleven in an examination. While some candidates may have allegiances to the State government, Ajaka remains confident in the support of the people.

Ajaka also recounted his journey, highlighting his transition from the All Progressives Congress APC to the SDP. After facing manipulation in the APC primaries, Ajaka sought an alternative within the PDP’s ranks. His goal was to secure Igala representation within the PDP, and he dedicated his resources to back the emergence of another capable Igala candidate. These assertions can be independently verified.

For those who may hesitate to support the SDP, Ajaka encouraged outreach efforts and the familiarization of communities with the party’s emblem, the horse. He emphasized the importance of maintaining peace and abstaining from violence during the campaign.

As the SDP candidate, Ajaka believes that the party embodies Kogi State, and vice versa. He called for unity and cooperation among the people to secure victory in the November election.

Murtala Yakubu Ajaka’s journey in the Kogi gubernatorial race has gained significant momentum with the ICDA endorsement, and the upcoming election promises to be a closely watched affair.

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