Kogi Records 100% in 2019 Financial Transparency Rating

The Kogi State Government under the leadership of Governor Yahaya Bello has consistently maintains impressive rating for effective financial management.

Why would any chose to be negatively programmed even when the indices and evidences are obviously contrary?Governor Yahaya Bello and his youthful team in Kogi are doing something unusual in our climes but only the elect and chosen are appreciative but the negatives soon wouldn’t have a choice than to align.

Honesty, sincerity and transparency are scarce virtues in our political and leadership space but these are the hallmarks of the Governor Yahaya Bello administration in Kogi.

Governor Yahaya Bello

Give up to Kogi state as the The States’ Fiscal Transparency, Accountability and Sustainability (SFTAS) Program for Results for 2019 Annual Performance Assessment (APA) Report show that the Yahaya Bello administration recorded 100% in its Financial Transparency Rating for the year 2019.

This is proof positive a silent but positive leadership revolution is going on in Kogi State. Another kudos to the White Lion and his team. The new direction administration is moving Kogi state to greater heights.

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