No miracle can give the Kwara APC the quantum of votes she polled in 2019. It is indeed a precarious moment for the ruling party. Though, the internal crisis did not collapse the party but took a sizable pound of flesh.
Nigerian democracy is nascent and work in progress, whose voting behavior largely still being influenced by sentiment.So sad!. This has made it expedient on political leaders to marry politics with governance without necessarily affecting each other.

No doubt, the new order, ushered-in by historic Otoge ballot revolution has brought in unprecedented feats, across sectors in the nook and crannies of the state. The state civil service and servants is having a new breath of fresh air. Kwara Northerners is heaving a sigh of relief owning to unprecedented government presence in the region. Every nooks and crannies is feeling a presence of government in a modest manner they never felt before.

Mallam Saliu Mustapha

As commendable as these feats are, they cannot translate to automatic victory for political party in Nigeria, kwara APC not an exemption. They can only earn it a 40% or less.

Electoral victory is a function of many factors. Every where in the world, strong personalities are given nod to fly the flag of the party. Electoral success is a function of interplay of factors.

With mass exodus of defection that hit the kwara APC and internal resentment, the political exigencies require that the party fields its elective position with charismatic personalities with political wherewithal capable of enjoying support across board, party and religious line and whose name resonates with all categories of Masses.

One of such Great personalities is Mallam Solihu Mustapha, Turaki Ngeri, the front line contender for the seat of Kwara Central Senatorial seat.

Though, the incumbent who his is major contender, Senator Ibrahim Oloriegbe made a remarkable feats within his capacity and resources available to him. However, Oloriegbe reelection bid is faced with many obvious hurdles. Ranging from his dwindling political popularity among the party elders, stakeholders, and downtrodden. The reason is not unconnected with his political styles. In addition, he lacks grip of his Local government, Ilorin west, not to talk of Central as a whole, and will no doubt rely on external forces to deliver his senatorial district, just like 2019 election.

All these obvious weaknesses and lapses are what give his Major Contender, Mallam Solihu Mustapha, an edge and placed him in advantageous position to the party and appeal reasoning of the public

Mallam Mustapha is a renowned philanthropist. He has empowered thousands of Kwarans with substantial amount of funds to either kick start or boost their businesses. His name has becomes an household name, and anthem on the lips of average kwarans through his selfless empowerment scheme, spanning over a decade.

The latest of which is the 200 million naira recently doled out to indiscriminately empowered the indigent Kwarans and residents.

Mallam Saliu Mustapha is an enigma, political juggernaut, who already has a large pool of Contact and Network that can be explored for benefit of his constituents and kwara at large.

He posses an incredible understanding of Ilorin Emirate tradition, culture and politics; the quality which earned him a prestigious title of Turaki Ngeri and added to his street credibility.

Kwara APC can’t afford not to field this Trailblazer and celebrated philanthropist.

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