Kwara Commissioner’s Aide Demands Apology From Petitioner

Re: press statement released by Usman issa Tankpafu

On August 17,2021 the delegation of Patigi Local government APC support groups met with the Hon. Commissioner for Special Duties to discussed the appointment of Political aide requested for her by the Patigi Local government APC support groups members.

later that day, a press release was issued in her name which confirm my appointment as a personal assistant; a position which I humbly accept to contribute my quote to the success of Gov. Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq administration and for the prosperity of patigi LGA as a whole.

I have contractual evidence of appointment and duty request by the honourable for official assignment which I was also renumerate for. This should serve as an evidence of honesty in my servitude to the honourable and the state.

For personal reasons which was well stated in my earlier letter, I tender my resignation as a personal assistant to the hon. Commissioner on 03-octorber-2021.

I will advise the Hon.commisioner to watch her steps and not give way for naysayers and praise singers who are trading their conscience for crumbs. Political position should be use to serve the people not for the advancement of personal aspirations.

I have never been a yesman nor a Lazy youth; I am a trained teacher and that have been my profession and my mean livelihood till this present moment.

I am also registered member of APC in the state and a loyal supporter of H.E Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq

Prior to 2019 general Election I was Patigi Local government Coordinator for friends Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq (FAA)the leading support groups in the state and till this present moment I am still piloting the affairs of the support group, my servitude to the state did not start after May 2019 like many who now issue statement in blind curtains.

I condemn the statement issued against me as a libel against my personality and I demand an apology from the writer.

Mohammed Alhaji Sukari

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