Kwara South: Overview of Senator Ashiru’s Scorecard

By Omo’Oba Musbau Adeshina Salaudeen

The mandate given by the majority of the electorates in Kwara South has made itself available for great commendation. Distinguished Senator Arch. Lola Ashiru is on the podium, eulogy follows, reviews help in the revelation of stewardship / account. This is quite applaudable!

As a Senator representing Seven Local Government Areas of Kwara South, Senator Ashiru’s laudable achievements are to be brought forth, in order to erase double standard and slight doubts. Critical sectors have over the time received the attention of the public office holder; scorecards are to be strictly followed for affirmation.

In his legislation and legislative pursuit, he has sponsored and co-sponsored bills that are needed for growth, human capital development and socioeconomic advantages. Such bills includes:
– A bill seeking the Upgrading of Federal Polytechnic Offa to full fledge University of Technology – this particular bill has been pushed to the executive table of HE President Muhammad Buhari for his assent.
– The bill seeking the establishment of University of History, Archeology and Education in Esie, Irepodun LGA of Kwara State. The bill, is awaiting awaits President Muhammad Buhari’s assent.
– In the same Red Chamber, a bill that has passed through stages first and Second reading on the floor of the Senate, seeking the establishment of Medical Physics Regulatory Council of Nigeria is also enjoying sponsorship and unrelenting efforts of our Distinguished Senator from Kwara South Senatorial district.

A quite intelligent being, who has not been sleeping on the arm of the Red chair at the National Assembly- his parliamentary action speaks volumes of his sterling qualities; his full presence and commitment to duty devoids mediocrity. The followings are the sponsored motions by Senator Lola Ashiru:
– Liberalization of Cement Policy in Nigeria.
– The need for the Central Bank to Regulate the Activities of Cooperative and Thrift Societies in Nigeria.
– The need to Beef Up the Security Architecture in Kwara South Senatorial District and Kwara State in general.
– Distinguished Senator Ashiru has also co-sponsored a bill motion on the Need to Mainstream the National Park Service.

Employment facilitation 
In the aspect of employment opportunity, we can now raise our voice and echo a mantras. Significant amount of offers have been made to qualified persons. We have on authority that many of the able youths have occupied different positions in Federal Institutions and Agencies through Senator Arch. Lola Ashiru. Please note, for the sake of confidentiality, names will be withheld, but still many agencies such as: – PENCOM, Civil Defence, Navy, Army, NDLEA, Immigration, FAAN and many others are well known to have been accommodating our youths from the unemployment ring.

Road Construction
Senator Lola Ashiru has not for once closed his eye against, deplorable state of infrastructures in the entire Kwara South Senatorial District. In this view, he has constructed:
– Asphalt Road at Ora-Ayoka – Okeki, Omu-Aran in Irepodun LGA,
– Asphalt road at Iso Oko Market, Omu-Aran in Irepodun LGA.
– Asphalt road at Ile Film/Abogunungun/Popo in Offa Local Government Area of Kwara State.
– Asphalt road at Imam Compound – Essa Road which was made possible in Offa LGA.
– Asphalt road at Akinsagba/Ile Awudere in Offa.
– Afolabi Hospital Drive in Offa LGA, Balogun Idi Isin and Ita Erin, Offa LGA.
– Offa-Ikotun in Oyun LGA ( Awarded but work has just been flagged off at Ilorin in Oyun LGA).
– Bulala-Ijaya, Igbo Oro road, Offa LGA and many others.

Human Capital Development

The Kwara South Senator also facilitates Vocational Training Center in:
– Igbàjá, Ifelodun LGA.
– Omu-Aran, Irepodun LGA.
– Òkè-Onigbin under Isin LGA.
– Ojomu South East, Offa, LGA
– Share in Ifelodun and
– Ijagbo and another one was flagged off in Erinle both in Oyun LGA.

Skills acquisition is a pivotal tool towards self reliance. As a result of this, Senator Arch Lola Ashiru deemed it fit in this regard. He has constructed a very robust Skills Acquisition Center in Omupo, Ifelodun LGA.

In education sector, construction of blocks of Classrooms across the seven LGAs were made possible under the incumbent Senator Lola Ashiru of Kwara South.

Water Supply
Provisions of portable water via drillings of boreholes as huge contributions towards stable healthy living. These projects cut across the seven local government areas in Kwara South.
As part of his efforts to support many Communities where limited power supply could affect pumping of of water, provision of SOLAR power borehole were put in place in places like:
– Osi 1 Ward I and Eruku both in Ekiti LGA.
– So also, in Igosun under Oyun LGA.
While, motorized borehole was equally sunk in
-Osi Ward 2 in Ekiti LGA.
– Ero Omola Water Fall, Idofin Igbana, Oke -Aro and other places are to be noted as a worthy achievements of Senator Ashiru under this APC led administration of His Excellency Governor Abdulrahman Abdulrazaq of Kwara.

A transformer of 500KVA was installed at Idofian, Ifelodun LGA, another magnificent of this gesture was replicated at Amoyo in Ifelodun, Ora in Ifelodun, Ojomu in Offa, Oro and Ajase-Ipo respectively in Irepodun LGA.


Tourism Pavilion at Ero Omola Water Falls in Oke- ero LGA was constructed by the amiable Senator, Arch Lola Ashiru. Other places include, Owu Water Falls in Ifelodun LGA, et cetera.
The construction of a Duplex for Tourists at Ero Omola Water Falls, Idofin Igbana calls for full appreciative for the value. This is a project that consumed quite significant amount of money and vigour.

Moreso, construction of Agro Forestry Training Hall at Ijagbo in Oyun LGA has been ensured over the time.

The Health sector has equally received a robust attention of this great man of our time.

To ensure a healthy living and hygienic lifestyle, he equally constructed Maternity health center in Durosoto in Ifelodun Local Government. The same phase of construction was replicated in Ilale, Oke-Ero LGA, Kajola in Oke-Ero as well, Ekiti LGA was not left out of the circle of this health services – particularly in Epe-Opin.
The same construction took place, in Adebiyi Area, Offa, the same construction was ensured.

In the health sector, Distinguished Senator Lola Ashiru has a legacy that calls for standing ovation. The followings are on the list of notable projects which he facilitated to compliment both State government and Community efforts.
– Total renovation of Primary Health Care center in Idofin Igbana Ward 1, Oke-Ero LGA.
– Medical Outreach, Supply of Medical equipments and drugs in Araromi-Opin Primary Health Center in Èkìtì LGA.
– Provision of medical equipments and drugs to strategic places like Babanloma, Share 3 & 4 in Ifelodun LGA.
– Medical Outreach, supply of medical equipments and drugs in Amoyo.
– Likewise, in other places in the seven local government areas.

Philanthropic gestures in many sectors can not be quantified, as well as, his support and contributions to security outfits and Community development in some of our communities where such selfless services were required.

Senator Lola Ashiru deserves an accolade, he deserves our supports, our votes and massive political participation, in order to work together with our support by collectively alleviating measures which are highly germane and needed to tackle plights of our people.

Performance of APC led administration no doubt, supercedes the yesteryears legacy called dynasty government which left behind dilapidated economic structure and infrastructure due to return of public fund into the Pocket of a family.

Therefore, Ashiru APC’s legacy is distinct, encouraging and should be giving another good term to compliment his ongoing efforts to fix a new foundation for Kwara South human capital development adequately.

Omo’Oba Musbau Adesina, Salaudeen is the APC Treasurer, Ìsin LGA.

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