Kwarapoly: I Was Not Party To Decision To Change Portal Handlers – MOTEST Commissioner


I have just read a circulated material, from unscrupulous but faceless individuals, who have listed their make believe allegations, concerning my position, as Commissioner, MOTEST.
They cowardly cooked up lies, and also attempted to distort decisions taken, to enhance the development of the Kwara State Polytechnic. It is obvious the interests they are serving with their irresponsible writeup.

Yes, as a Commissioner, I am a public official, and I know that I’m open to scrutiny in my duty; and naturally, I expect that criticisms come, as part of the baggage of the position. They are welcome!

I have never been worried that some individuals hide behind a finger, to post all sorts, as well as concoct absurdities.
I am too focused on doing the best that I possibly can, and we will ensure that the rot this administration inherited, is progressively eliminated, through dedicated service delivery for our people.

How irresponsible can the faceless authors be, to assume and state, that a happily married woman like me, would be arranging meetings with some chaps in a hotel?
I have a right to, and do invite, Heads of our Tertiary Institutions, to my office, whenever there’s a need to do so.

Secondly, I will never take a decision of that nature, without seeking approval. That is the way I operate.

Our backgrounds have a lot of input in our lives, my proud history, is what inspires and drives my own service, in our public space today.

As Commissioner MOTEST, I was not party to the decision at the Kwara Polytechnic, Ilorin, to change an old portal handler with a new one. Nor do I have anything to do with any company, they raised allegations for, or against.

I also have nothing to do with the banking transactions of the Kwara State Polytechnic or any Tertiary Institution for that matter.

I will continue to work with utmost dedication, in the best interest of our state; so faceless authors of absurd write ups, have a lot coming.

Hajiya Sa’adatu Modibbo Kawu
Hon. Commissioner,
MOTEST, Kwara State.

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