Legislative Watch: 90% members of Kwara Assembly Member scored below average


A leading Pro Democracy group, Kwara Must Change has released the key findings of the second edition of its novel initiative, Legislative Watch.

The legislative watch report, which is an assessment of overall performance of legislators from Kwara State across the 3 legislative arms, namely senate, federal house of representatives and the kwara state house of assembly.

The maiden edition of the report was debuted in 2021 and the second edition is set to be released this week in ilorin, the Kwara State Capital.

Key Findings of Legislative Watch

1. 90% members of KWHA scored below average

2. All 3 Senators hit pass mark of 70%, as senator Sadiq remain top with 84%

3. Only one rep member, Hon Bio hits pass mark of 70%

4. Kwara North lawmakers maintain top at the Senate, House of Reps and KWHA.

5. All Fed House of Reps members improves, as more than 64% scored above average.

6. All member of KWHA fall below pass mark of 70%

7. KWHA members, Hon Ojo, Hon Jimoh top performance in Kwara South and Central

8. KWHA members, Hon Rufai, Hon Opakunle and Hon. Atoyebi are least performer in Kwara North, Kwara Central and Kwara South

9. House of Reps member, Hon Alajagusi remains least performing lawmaker in Kwara State

10. Member of KWHA from ilorin south was not assessed, due to insufficient data.

Abdulrazaq Hamzat

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