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1st November 2023

We have been closely observing the disheartening events that unfolded in our state on Monday, October 30, 2023. October is a month of significance for Nigeria’s independence, but it is disheartening to witness shameless and avaricious politicians exploiting this month-end to subjugate the people of Rivers State through intimidation and manipulation.

How can we best describe the sudden declaration by manipulated members of the State House of Assembly, who initiated a motion to impeach Sir Siminalayi Fubara, the Executive Governor of the state? The situation escalated when police officers, allegedly under the influence of powerful interests in Abuja, deployed tear gas and water cannons against the governor while he was on his way to inspect the damage at the state Assembly complex.

The ordinary citizens of our state watched in astonishment as the political discord of a leader plunged the entire state into chaos.

As Concerned Citizens of Rivers State in the diaspora, we have also observed how our supposed leaders flocked to Abuja to meet with Barrister Wike, whom many recognize as the mastermind of this spectacle. To our surprise, these leaders sought to placate him and then called on the governor to apologize.

This represents the pinnacle of intimidation and oppression. It is unacceptable for a state governor to be compelled to seek reconciliation with an individual causing turmoil in our state.

Rivers’ people, the masses, have spoken loud and clear throughout the state: “LET OUR GOVERNOR BREATHE.”

This sequence of events is dangerous for democratic principles, as it encroaches on the constitutional powers of an elected governor.

We have credible information indicating that Barrister Nyesom Wike was responsible for selecting 95 percent of the state’s commissioners and aides of the governor. This level of interference is excessive, callous, and unjust. How can Governor Fubara be expected to function effectively in such an environment?

Our call goes out to the people of Rivers State to stand up and defend the mandate they bestowed upon their beloved governor.

As Rivers Citizens in the Diaspora, we are determined to ensure that this politics of intimidation in our state comes to an end.

1. Johnson Eke Wise
2. Margaret Ijeoma Otti
3. Gregory Otabil
4. Sylvester Dokubo
5. Patient Jibnoh
6. Kaine Briggs

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