We are thrilled to commend the government of Kwara State for its commendable decision to uphold justice and fairness by zoning the Ilorin South Local Government Chairmanship to Akanbi District. This significant move reflects the administration’s commitment to equitable development and balanced representation, paving the way for a brighter future for all residents.

Akanbi District: A Brief Overview

Akanbi District, comprising Akanbi 1 to 5, is a vital part of Ilorin South. Unfortunately, the historical distribution of the chairmanship has largely favored the Balogun Fulani districts, leaving certain areas, particularly Akanbi 1 and 2, underrepresented and underdeveloped. These two sub-districts include 23 villages that have never had the chance to produce a local government chairman.

The Current Disparity

The absence of representation for Akanbi 1 and 2 has resulted in a lack of governmental presence and development in these areas. On the other hand, other parts of the district, such as Akanbi 3, which once had the opportunity to produce a chairman, have enjoyed more substantial government attention and development. This situation highlights the need for a more balanced and inclusive approach to leadership within Ilorin South.

Our Plea for Zoning to Akanbi 2
We are making a heartfelt appeal to the State Government, stakeholders, and the wider community to recognize the urgent need for development in the villages of Akanbi 1 and 2. By specifically zoning the chairmanship to Akanbi 2, we can ensure that these underdeveloped areas receive the focus and resources they desperately need. This decision would address historical injustices and promote equitable growth throughout the local government area.

The Benefits of Zoning to Akanbi 2
1. Enhanced Development: Allocating the chairmanship to Akanbi 2 will bring much-needed infrastructure, education, healthcare, and economic opportunities to the 23 villages in this sub-district.
2. Balanced Representation:_This decision will foster a sense of inclusion and fairness, ensuring that all parts of Ilorin South feel represented and valued.
3. Social Cohesion: Fair zoning can help bridge the gap between different parts of the local government, promoting unity and cooperation among residents.


We wholeheartedly praise the government of Kwara State for its forward-thinking decision to zone the Ilorin South Local Government Chairmanship to Akanbi District. As we continue to advocate for justice and fairness, we urge all relevant parties to consider the unique needs of Akanbi 1 and 2. By zoning the chairmanship to Akanbi 2, we can take a significant step towards rectifying past inequalities and fostering a brighter, more equitable future for all residents of Ilorin South.

Call to Action

Let us come together as a community to support this noble cause. We appeal to the State Government, stakeholders, and the entire populace to lend their voices and efforts to ensuring that the chairmanship is zoned to Akanbi 2. Together, we can achieve a just and prosperous Ilorin South Local Government.


This campaign is proudly endorsed by concerned residents and stakeholders of Ilorin South who believe in the power of equitable representation and development. Join us in this movement for a fairer and more just Ilorin South.

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