Manko Foundation Drills 50 Boreholes in Edu Local Govt

Manko Foundation Drills 50 Boreholes in Edu Local Govt

Hassanat Attairu Manko Foundation (HAM Foundation) powered by Alhaji Adamu Attahiru Manko has drilled 50 boreholes in Edu Local Government of Kwara State.

HAM Foundation spread the borehole project to over 20 communities to ensure people get access to clean water and reduce stress of getting water for daily activities.

The Foundation Head of Mission, Hon Jerry Kolo in a statement issued on Saturday, says Alhaji Adamu Attahiru Manko is committed towards giving back to the community and improve well being of his people.

Kolo said the execution of borehole project was done inline with request from various communities and other beneficiaries.

” HAM Foundation will continue to provide support to improve well being of the people. People are already benefiting from over 50 boreholes drilled across Edu Local government area same as being enjoyed by the beneficiaries in Pategi LG. This bringing in total to above 100 boreholes sunk in Edu and Patigi. Other local local government areas in kwara North and beyond will feel the impact of Alh Adamu Manko’s funded foundation soonest. As the intervention is already on in Moro LG.”He explained.

“It’s also to support the efforts of the state government ensuring water for all,while creating an enabling environment for collaborations as the government cannot do it all. Hence, private and corporate entities are encouraged to be supportive in away of giving back to the society.”

Benefiting Communities include; Lafiagi, Tsaragi, Tsonga, Gbugbu, Guyegi, Zanbufu, Kokodo, Ganagagi, Dzara, local government mosque, Puta, Batakpan, Gudu and others.

*List of Villages with boreholes in EDU L.G*
6. GBALE. 1
7. Dzara 1
8. Upper Taiwo Laf. 1
9. Emi ta Ebosoko Laf. 1
10. Dzamata Laf. 1
11. Egban Yatsu Laf. 1
12. Egban Tswachi Laf. 1
13. Egban Banna Laf. 1
14. Egban Wanbayi Laf. 1
15. Egban Nda wo Baokun Laf. 1
16. Egban Maraki Laf.1
17. Egban NdaGura Laf.1 18. Egban Ewo TsaTsa Laf. 1
19. Egban Nda Dzaba Laf. 1
20. Kuchita laf. 1
21. L.G. Mosque 1
22. Kpotun Puta 1
23. Tsonga 4
24. Yanman Tsonga 1
25. Gudu 1
26. Faigi 2
27. Tsaragi 4 ( Emi Liman Woro, Tinfin Dzukogi, Emi Mayaki and New yidi site)
28. Aja Kaka Tsaragi 1
29. Makama Tsaragi 1
30. ETSU Tsaragi 1
31. Patidzuru 1
32. Batakpan 1
33. Puta 1

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